Friday, July 18, 2014

The Reinvention of the Fashionista Backpack

Since I basically need two hands to use the walker for the next several months, my doctor recommended that I buy a backpack for all my crap. Now the only belongings I tend to carry are a wallet, little makeup case, keys, phone, pen and earbuds. I have been able to parry everything down to these simply important items. Meanwhile, the doctor didn't think even a crossbody was a good idea. I really needed to have nothing getting in the way of my hands and leg (s). I guess he didn't want me to get tangled up in the long strap or have something swing back and forth causing me to trip all over myself again.

So I got to do one of my favorite activities. I went window shopping on the Internet. This is what I found. The variety, as with everything in our material world, is amazing and varied. Below is simply a smattering. Note, I didn't go looking for the regular school backpack. Apparently, I have injured myself as designers are trying to bring back the fashionista backpack. Lucky me I have a huge choice. And no, I haven't decided on which one yet...

.....well of course the ones that could double as a downpayment for a house or a car are definitely not in the running. I just had to post them for fun.
MZ Wallance "Marlena" nylon backpack $295

Diane Von Faustenberg "Sutra" $425

Top Shop Faux leather $69

Prada Vela Medium Nylon $860

Balenciaga Giant Zip Traveler $1685

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Mariska $498

Vera Bradley Ultimate Backpack  $88

Longchamp Pliage $125

Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backback  $295

Prada Calfskin $1780

3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Backpack  $825

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Backpack  $3850

Moschino Jacket backpacks $2285

The Row Backpack 11  $4550

Weekend Summer Funk

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sitting on your ass, getting fat and having the bottom of your butt hit the backs of your knees

So now that I have accepted my fate for the next six weeks of being immobile with my broken ankle,  I have come up with something else to worry about. Butt spread. I have been able to loose about 20 pounds  over the last year. Well I think its 20 pounds. I refuse to step on a scale, but with diet and exercise I can fit into jeans I hadn't been able to wear for years. They were tight. But I got them on and zipped them up. Could even sit down without feeling like I was in a torture device. So I guess the loss was about 20 pounds, give or take the real numbers.

But now, cardio is absolutely out for months, since I can't even step on my foot. I may be able to do some free weights and sit ups but that's not really the same for fat burning exercise. So I am trying to watch what I eat and complain. I decided that that is a new form of exercise. I am going to call it "The Kvetch method." I think I will turn it into a new craze and see if I can sell it.

In truth I do miss the exercise high that I would get on a daily basis. Listen they are not kidding about that endorphin rush. That exercise high does do something for your mood and uplifts any negative feelings. It definitely made me feel alot better about myself. My self-esteem was getting a big hit.

On the other hand, just getting around on one foot with the aide of a walker is a workout in and of itself. So I think I will count that as my cardio for the time being. Believe me, by the time I get from the bed, to the bathroom, and back to the bed, I have sweated up a storm as if I ran a marathon.

Meanwhile, where the freeweights are concerned, I am going to start with the 5 pound weights and the 2 pounders and see how it goes. Simple upper body strength, sit ups and I think I will try to figure out how to do some butt exercises too. Don't want tuchas spread, which at my age actually means that the bottom of my ass falls so low it hits the back of my knees.

I think my body has suffered enough without having to live through that.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The true downside and upside of breaking your ankle....

Apart from the pain, the immobility and being totally dependent on other human beings for every
My new sexy look.
aspect of your daily living, there is a really mean downside to breaking your ankle. You see we were going to get a kitten in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, I had to call the owners and let them know there is no way I can take care of a 6 week old kitten right now. Heck, at this moment, I can't even take care of myself.

Meanwhile, there is absolutely  no way the boys or hubby are able to raise a brand new little baby kitten. The boys don't have the patience and hubby doesn't have the time. I figure the owners will find someone else to adopt the baby cat. The owner works at our vet so I am certain she can put out an add right away and get rid of the kitten rather quickly. So as disappointed as I am, since I really wanted that fuzzy wuzzy, I will have to wait. Sometimes things are not meant to be.

Listen, hubby has been trying to work out of the home and is doing all that he can to run the boys where they need to go. Figuring out how the boys will get to work and therapy is the hard part since they don't drive. (The oldest because of his epilepsy, the youngest because of his fear. Listen when you have a child with an autism spectrum disorder who is afraid to drive, you don't push it. It is not an emergency. You take your time and help them work it out.) We decided to have them use the local taxi service to get to work and the train, while hubby will have to take them for the therapies. Figuring out the food shopping has also been interesting. Hubby has to go at night, or during the weekend, but the boys' behaviorist comes on Wednesday so we are going to have them go food shopping and run errands then as well. (Yes they used to do that with her, in fact that was the point of her coming here to help integrate them into the world, so now they can do these things with no issue.) The upside here is that hubby will finally get to see just how crazy food prices have become. In fact last night when he came home from the market, he mentioned he couldn't believe how expensive everything was. I mentioned that food prices were ridiculous and getting worse.So an upside is that when I tell him the food budget gets blown on a weekly basis he will not only understand why, but the look of incredulity will disappear.

Of course, the boys are trying to help me as much as they can when it comes to helping with the dogs, the laundry, the housecleaning, the food shopping and still doing what they like to do. In reality, an upside is that they are getting a little bit of a taste of what adulthood is like. (They did have chores before, but they are now also learning just exactly what I do on a daily basis to make all their worlds function.) Organizing and figuring out how to do the necessities in life and then adding in what you enjoy doing is a new skill and not an easy one to master. They were happy to help for the first few days, but I have noticed a bit of whining creeping in and my new name is "Pain in the Ass. " (Honestly I don't think I am that bad. Things have to get done in the house that have to get done. Moreover, the dogs need what they need, especially our really old wheaten terrier.)

Hubby did send me a picture of what our bedroom looks like now, with all the folded clothing laying in piles on the bed. He mentioned that its best that I can't make my way upstairs right now. I responded that by the time I am mobile again we are going to have to simply knock the house down and start from scratch. He didn't think that was funny. I think he's afraid I'm serious.

In truth, I am going to need months to repair the damage to my ankle. So far we have figured out how to get me into the shower (upside), how to use a walker (hubby said this was a look into my 80s) and trying to figure out how I can do some form of exercise (upside) so I don't turn into a total blob of fat over the next few months. I worked too hard to slim down and I don't want to get fat again....yes I know its about diet as well as exercise, so I am trying to be food aware. So far there have been diet hits and misses (downside).

I was also thinking how lucky I am to have the internet and TV right now (upside). I think there would be a huge amount of ennui if I had to simply sit here. Self-pity would definitely find its way into my mindset. There was plenty of that already and I said enough is enough. Luckily even sitting here on my couch I can go out into the wider world. I remembered that with wifi and internet I really am never confined by a set of walls. Whether that is good (upside)or bad (downside) for others on the internet remains to be seen.....hehehehe.


Meanwhile, the story continues here:

Sitting on your ass, getting fat , and having the bottom of your butt hit the backs of your knees