Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bridal Gowns and Glamour

When I went to get married almost 30 year ago,  I joined in what was euphemistically called the Filene's Running of the Brides. There were hundreds of bridal gowns at huge discounted prices. The store opened at 9 AM and by 9:15 AM there was not a dress up on the racks. Whatever you see about today's post Thanksgiving holiday dashes, well Filene's and wanna-be-brides invented it.

I actually arrived at the bridal run at 9:15. I walked in and there was not a dress to be had. As I walked past a rack, someone put a dress back because there was a small stain on it. It was an empire waisted, white duchess satin gown with an huge flowing organza train which started at the empire line in the back and flowed in layers to the floor. There was Irish lace all down the front, and on the sleeves. It was the most elegant dress I had ever seen.

I took it, threw it over my clothes, nope not a dressing room in sight,  and every grandmother there told me that that was my dress. And I bought it, little stain and all. Figured a dry cleaner could get it out, the stain was the size of a pinhead and we could do the little mending that it needed. Unfortunately it was not stored as well as it could have been, turned yellow and was thrown out when my parents moved. Honestly, I dearly loved my wedding dress.

My SIL got married a year after we did and during a rather heated argument with her father over the cost of her dress, she turned to me and asked me how much my dress cost.

"40 dollars," I replied.

"Oh my God, " she exclaimed," why couldn't you be a JAP (Jewish American Princess)."

That's right my dress cost $40 at the time, and would have sold for $400 retail. Not sure how that would translate into today's bridal prices, probably several thousand dollars if not more.

Now as a confession, yes,  most definitely, I am a hopeless romantic....

Some of the shows I like to watch the most are Say Yes to the Dress and Amsale Girls. In the midsts of personal trials and tribulations, in walk the brides-to-be and you get to view the most amazing wedding gowns. I don't know if its because the average bride is older, more accomplished and more self-assured, but they walk into these salons and happily spend over five thousand sometimes upwards of 10 thousand dollars on a dress. There are even the odd occasion where someone spends well over 10 thousand too.

I have to say is tremendous fun watching these unreal foraies into haute couture and one of the most important times in people's lives. (Yes it's a little voyeuristic but what the heck.) Truly these are also very happy programs with human dreams of a future and the hopes for a wonderful life. I think that is the part I like the best...the joy and hope and all that these ideals encompass.



Not to can rest assured my SIL bought the dress she wanted.

Qi en Pace,


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