Saturday, February 18, 2012

Joe, Java, Coffee

I actually go to bed looking forward to that morning cup of coffee. Oh yeah I'm an addict. I admit it. I earned it in fact. There is something almost sexual in nature when you take that first sip of that deep dark black liquid and it happily rolls over your tongue and through your entire being....OK maybe its even a religious experience......

There has been so much written about coffee over the years. Its good for you. Its bad for you. It's...well, maybe, they think, they have an idea...just a liquid with no effect on your health. Now the science gods have come out with another study actually showing that drinking coffee is...hold on to your hats...good for you...WOOHOO.

Listen the only time I did not drink "real" coffee was when I was pregnant. I drank decaffeinated like they told us to. You remember all those warnings how the caffeine has a deleterious effect on the baby. Then I admit it, I drank one regular cup of Joe every morning with the second baby. Running after a toddler while you have an extra 30 pounds on your tuchas is so not as easy as people think. No I did not like being pregnant, and yes I adore my children. (What is wrong with that woman in 19 Kids and Counting anyway? There is religious and then there is just plain batshit crazy.)

Plus I definitely think the doctors are too overwrought with all the don'ts while you are pregnant. I did alot of "don't" during pregnancy. You can take bets that no alcohol passed these lips in any amount. But really one little cup of coffee was not going to hurt the baby. HHMMM...yet maybe that's why my youngest is such a total and utter pain in the ass, can't be because he's 18-years-old now could it?

By the way I am also not a coffee-foodie. I won't go spend $5 regularly on a cup of Joe anywhere.That is a special treat. Really $5. It's amazing how marketing can get people to spend ridiculous amounts of money on something you can make at home comparatively for pennies. Also I don't drink fancyshmancy coffee either. If I buy "marketed" coffee to make at home, its Dunkin Donuts. I will admit that I bought Starbucks instant coffee in case of a power outage. I did, however, buy it in the supermarket.  But mostly I stand-by the good old fashioned coffee of Folgers or Maxwell House (depending which one is on sale.)

Yes I know, this from the lady who bought a pair of Louboutins. Well, how do you think I paid off the credit card bill?

Qi en Pace,



  1. Amen to coffee. I am a coffee snob- I am right there at Starbuck's every day. And recently some bat shit crazy religious group decided Starbucks should be banned for supporting gay rights. It made me feel better about paying that $5 per coffee. It is my one vice in life :)

  2. Hi Neo Aspieside- I had not heard that about Starbucks and "gay rights" boycott. I have heard that since the founders are Jewish, the antisemitic, anti-Israel crowd want to boycott Starbucks (there are no Starbucks in Israel btw). Wow...maybe I will spend my $5 a little easier now...some people are just real shmucks aren't they?


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