Thursday, February 23, 2012

Microwaved Lunch and a Thought (or Two) About Nutrition

One of the things I have done for myself is to buy frozen "healthy" meals for the boys. This way if they get hungry in between "real meals" they can heat up a frozen dinner on their own. It gives them independence. Teaches them a little skill and allows me to get out of the kitchen...that of course is the main watchword..get OUT of the kitchen.

Yes, I know I should teach them to cook, but I am truly afraid to let them near fire. I remember burning down my parent's kitchen at 15 when I tried to make felafel. To this day if I want some of that chickpea meal in a pita, I buy the already cooked kind that only needs to be zapped. And yes, I have managed to set the microwave on fire over the years its not always a failsafe when cooking either. At least for me anyways...

Yes it's 1 liter

So here I am hungry and fairly cranky. Headachey for some reason today and I don't want to cook. I figure the Advil is not working and the piece of bread with humus I ate for breakfast hasn't alleviated my pounding head so I figure, "hey one of the frozen meals." Yes, moms, I have been drinking plenty of water. Have  a huge bottle of Perrier by my side and its almost gone. Yes, yes I know. The issues of the first world, which kind of bottled water to drink. Please no fair trade save the rainforest global warming pcb capitalist imperialism its all some political party's fault derision right now. My head still really hurts.

So I opened up the Smart Ones package and took a peek at the meal. I chose chicken chow mein.  For those of you who don't know, the Smart Ones are a product of Weight Watchers and have the point balance printed on the outside of the box. So I figure it can't be bad for you. It might not be organic free range hormone free chicken and vegetables. but it won't kill me. (Also considering I have been feeding this to the boys and they are still alive, it can't be all bad.)

I suppose my first clue should have been that it was something called Chinese food by obviously some very Yankee cooks. Of course, in truth chow mein isn't even technically authentic Chinese food. It was the brain child of a restaurant owner who ran out of food to feed his customers and came up with a meal he could make out of scraps. Seriously.

So then I followed the directions. Voila! There was my meal. My thought when looking down was..where is the brown rice? Isn't everyone telling you to eat brown rice and not white rice? Isn't this meal supposed to be nutrition based upon some kind of well respected diet program? But its white rice. Doesn't white rice spike your blood sugar and just make you hungry again really soon, instead of filling you up? OK here I am, all  confused once again about what to eat and not eat. But the saturated fat content is fairly low so that's good at least.

Well on top of my confusion, I think I overcooked the meal. The chicken was rather rubbery. I gave it to the dogs, who happened to be sitting at my feet looking at me forlornly because all they have is their really expensive organic dog food to eat. (Organic dog food is the best. It helps prevent ear infections. Vet told me years ago and since then the number of ear infections for my three dogs can be counted on one hand.)

Meanwhile I ate the vegetables and the rice. It wasn't bad. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad. Enough to fill me up for now. The boys do like this stuff for a snack. I think that is fine. On top of the fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and fresh salad we keep in the house, this should keep them happy in between meals. And me OUT of the kitchen.

Damn I do still have my headache though...gonna take more Advil.

Qi en Pace,


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