Friday, February 10, 2012

This Blog is About You

To those who do not know me or have not been following my blog for the past two years, let me introduce myself. I blog under the name Elise Ronan at Raising Asperger's Kids. No, not my real name. You see I am the parent of two youngmen on the autism spectrum and it is their desire to retain their privacy. So our agreement for me to blog was that I would never mention their real names or our family's real name.

No, they are not embarrassed by their autism by any means. They are quite proud of who they are and all that they have accomplished. But autism is not all they are and they do not want people to meet them with preconceived notions. I understand that. I respect that. I honor their choices.

The truth is that this blog anyway is not really about the boys, but about me and you for that matter. You see one of the major issues I have come to discover over these last two decades, is that we parents of special needs children always forget ourselves. We work so hard to make sure that our children have everything that they need and that they enjoy, we forget that we to at one point had desires, wants, needs and likes beyond our children. Now, while many of those youthful plans cannot be realized, I know that, it does not mean you had to stop being you. But unfortunately so many of us have.

Everything in our world does not have to revolve around autism and everything does not have to revolve around the children. No, this isn't really about "taking care of yourself," as I write in my  autism blog. This is about going beyond doctor appointments and charity and finding time for a 5 minute shower. This is about digging deep down into your soul and embracing everything that makes you a separate and distinct human being.

Yes, tulips give me joy.
So here I am writing about the things that makes me different from every other person on the planet Earth. Actually maybe not so different, as we are all human beings entitled to respect and compassion, but the combination of everything I like, enjoy, embrace and need makes me a unique wholly independent subsidiary of the human race. (Can you tell I went to law school.)

In the future, while I may mention the boys in passing, I am going to concentrate on the things that make me I am going to talk fashion, shoes, handbags, music, movies, books (non-autism related), the complete and utter nonsense associated with celebrity worship, materialist, bombastic nonsensical outlandish truly non life threatening, non-life altering, non-life diminishing aspects of everyday culture that quite frankly just bring a smile to your lips, a laugh to your throat and a huzzah to your soul.

So come back regularly and read about my exploits and let me know about yours. Let's make this our late but still great, New Year's resolution, The Rediscovered Self.

Qi en Pace,



  1. Just saw your post on FB about this blog & the tulips drew me in! ;) I love tulips! So glad you're getting this "space" for yourself - another opportunity to focus on what makes YOU special. Best wishes!

  2. Thanks Becky..I am trying to get us all to join in and share what makes us human beings...don't forget about you too..It has take me 51 years to remind myself that it really is ok.


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