Tuesday, March 27, 2012

30 Degrees of Hyacinths

Last week at this time it was 80 degrees and I was blogging while sitting on my screened in porch. Of course I knew it was too good to be true. Summer in New York in March, oh I don't think so. But it does come as a bit of a disappointment that it returned to being so cold so quickly. Then again, the joke of the week was, since it is summer in March, we should expect a snowstorm in May. Actually when we first moved to our little hamlet, that year we did have a major snowstorm in April. So its not that unheard of, just fairly rare.

Meanwhile my poor plants did think its was spring time already. OK technically it is spring but someone needs to tell mother-nature to make up her mind about what temperature it should be. Temperature fluctuations makes ready for a variety of nasty little viruses. We already went through one bout of antibiotics in this house and I really am not in the mood for eveyone to be sick again. And yes I know that antibiotics do nothing for viruses, but we were warding off major chest and sinus congestion too.

Anyway, it seems we are in for a few really cold days again. I just hope my hyacinths survive.  At least long enough for the deer to make them a snack. And no I do not treat my plants to ward off deer. Let them come. Plants grow back and these sweet little animals need to eat. Yesterday we had a large family of six deer in the backyard. And yes, we spray for tics and put anti-tic medicine on the dogs too. So not to worry.

Qi en Pace,


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