Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jeopardy! Fail...But There's Still Mega Millions

So last night I went on line at 8:45 pm and took the Jeopardy contestant test. There were supposed to be 50 questions. I think I was able to get through 25 at the most. They don't give you along time to answer each question. Only 15 seconds. You also don't have to answer in question form which makes it alot easier. However, in trying to respond to many of the questions I became a little overwhelmed. I know I knew the answers, but I couldn't get it to the point where I could write it down on the answer block.

Every once in awhile hubby would hear me yell.."I know this one. Damn it.."

I do remember as a younger adult, pre-menopause, I could play Jeopardy and do rather well when I watched the show. I knew almost all the answers, except the science ones and figured I would at least try this on line test. BTW, I am using menopause as an excuse because it really works for everything that doesn't go right. And noone actually questions you especially males (husbands included).

Of course something must happen to my personality, as my oldest mentioned the other day how he is NOT getting married because "when women turn middle aged they go crazy.." his exact embellishment on my part. Maybe I better take a good hard look at how I am behaving. Maybe I am acting just a little off balance if he noticed something. Nah who am I kidding. I am who I am and he better get used to it. Besides this too will pass...well maybe who knows...perhaps...someday...

Anyway, the Jeopardy experience was a total disaster. There is no way that I am getting any kind of call back. Hubby did ask me why I even bothered. I told him, I could win some money. I got one of his quizzical looks for that one.

I also have a plan that I will win the lottery someday. That is my retirement plan and my plan to set up trust funds for the boys, help my aging parents and start an autism foundation....It doesn't have to make sense or be logical. It's just my plan. Since  I am not the offspring of a millionaire or an inventor of a history changing product I have to come up with something.

Friday the Mega Millions is half a billion dollars. Yeah "B" as in billion. Someone is going to win. Why not me?  I don't need it all. I will take a small percentage, just enough to make my dreams come true.

There's an old joke...

An  old man was very religious and prayed and honored God his entire life. One day he asked God.."You know I honor you. I pray to you. I live a righteous life. How come I never win the lottery?"

God answered," You need to buy a ticket."

Go buy a lottery ticket for Friday. Hey you never know...

Qi en Pace,




  1. I'm with you...Menopause is the answer to EVERYTHING! If only we could remember the question...sometimes...once in a while...ever???

    Hope you get a winning ticket!

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    2. Wouldn't do me any good even if I could...I am Canadian! :) I'll keep my fingers crossed for you though.


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