Friday, March 9, 2012

Pajama Day

If I had my way everyday would be pajama day. OK, I will be honest here, if I don't have to go anywhere imparticular and only have to stay home, write and take care of house issues, I stay in pajamas. Well not necessarily the pajamas I slept in the night before, but after I work out, instead of putting on street clothes I put on a new pair of pajamas.


Actually, I don't really care for the satiny kind of pjs. I'm not a big Natori fan at all. I'm not impressed with La Perla. Honestly  these undergarments are not made for women at all. They are made to supplement men's sexual fantasies about women. You know what, if you are on your honeymoon, planning a special rendezvous or evening with your significant other, these modern versions of the iron maiden are fine and dandy. They add to the fun of the moment.

But really this stuff is so not for everyday. Could you really see yourself running after the kids, picking up after the dog and wiping down the kitchen in the bra and panty sets above? Even that little flowery teddy? My ideal pjs are some really comfortable flannel pajamas that are loose fitting around the waist, with a drawstring I can let out if I decide to have a larger than usual lunch. I don't even usually keep the tops that come with the set. I opt for some comfortable cotton nightshirts to go with. Then if I am really cold I throw on a sweatshirt cardigan.

In the winter I even have a snugly pair of Uggs slippers that I supplement with some of my own hand-knitted sweater socks. Yes I typically spend my day looking like this:

The best part of my search for clothing happiness, is that the boys have picked up my habit. If they have no where to go and only have to stay home and study, once they have exercised too, they just put on a new pair of pjs. Comfort is comfort at any age. Yes, if they go help hubby outside with the lawn they have to put on proper clothing even though it is our backyard. Out of the house is out of the house. Besides somehow I don't think the neighbors would appreciate seeing them in their pajamas racking the lawn.

Oh yeah, no bra either on pajama day....if I am gong to be comfortable, I am gong to be extremely comfortable.

Qi en Pace,



  1. I'm with you all the way on this one!!! If not my PJ's then my "Home Clothes" aka sweats and sweatshirt (not matching...yet). :)

    1. I do the sweats and sweatshirt for comfort too..still no bra btw...:)


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