Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Fever

Well its begun. Spring has sprung. Actually it has come on gangbusters. It is March 19th and I am sitting here on my screened in porch, typing on my laptop, streaming my TV through my iPhone. No, no margarita, I have to go pick up the oldest at school around 7.

I guess I could have a virgin margarita,  (yeah but where's the fun in that..empty calories with no buzz) but in all honesty, I couldn't make one now if I wanted to. I actually broke my blender using it to mix natural peanutbutter....

Yes, I am the only one that can break a blender blending natural peanutbutter. That is the type of spread that you need to mix since it has no preservatives or binding agent to hold everything together so the oil separates from the nut paste. We tried special gadgets and even my food processor to blend it all together. Yes I broke those too. Eventually hubby sat with a huge bowl and a spoon folding all the parts into one. It was muscle intensive work and he even tired from that labor.

To help him, we bought a hand held mega mixer. The kind you see professional chefs use to puree soup while its still in the pot. So far so good, but the husband is eying an even larger version. You know men, the one with the biggest one wins.

Qi en Pace,


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