Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Beatles 1964; Ed Sullivan; Bieber

The Beatles appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show on this date in 1964. They began what was called the second British invasion.

There is something about the shrieks of a teenage girl that does set your hair on end....

Ed Sullivan was the m-cee of one of the most popular variety entertainment shows in television history. He was so important to the entertainment industry that he was immortalized in song HERE in the musical Bye Bye Birdie.

Birdie was an iconic look at teenage angst, society and their adoration of rock and roll. Of course the title character, Conrad Birdie, was a take off of Elvis not the Beatles.The boys from Liverpool were still one year away from The Ed Sullivan Show when this movie was made.

By the way teenage boys still despise teenybopper rock and roll stars.....CM2 has major issues with Justin Bieber and I can't play his music in the house without a whine from the college freshman.

Bieber does have that Beatles haircut doesn't he? Yeah I know he recently had a haircut, but hey he's still a cute and very talented kid.

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