Saturday, May 12, 2012

Birds of Paradise and Miami Vice

Honestly I am not a fan of straw bags, but this one from Kate Spade caught my eye. It's called the Birds of Paradise Tote. It reminded me of the times I spent on Miami Beach with my grandparents when I was a child. The kind of Miami that was once the Jewish grandparent home away from home ...

Kate Spade

However, the bird on the tote looked more like a cockatoo to me.

 and the Fontainbleu was the go-to hotel for the rich and famous.

You know, before Miami became synonymous with Eurotrash, cocaine and anorexic models. Way before Miami, not the crummy movie, but that very fun 1980s TV show that started the Miami craze.

Very young Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas

It also started the scruffy beard,  t-shirt with blazer and sockless loafer fashion statement too...not a bad look for the times. That is  if you could pull it off without looking creepy. I still prefer the pulled together look of a suit and tie myself.

Qi en Pace,

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