Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fashion at The Met Ball

The Met Ball is called the Oscars of the east coast because of the fashion. Honestly it is nothing like the Oscars. There you have fashion, and art (film) rolled into one. Here you just have the art of fashion. Very different.

Fashion, by its nature, does not need to be joined with any other art form to bring out its stars. The confluence of fabric, color, and cut molds a simple piece of cloth into a treasure. It's knowing how to embody the indiviudal within these works of art that makes a simple seamstress a couturier.

Fashion is an expression of who we are as individuals. It is so much more than film, for it is personal to each person. Unlike  film, where the majority of us are bystanders in someone else's creation, with  fashion we can create out own environment, world and reality. We are the masters of our own fashion. Fashion is our personal statement and our personal statement alone.

But of course... Sofia Vergara does take best dressed at the Met Ball in a Marchesa gown....

For a terrific slide show of all the dressed-up celebutants go HERE to Harper's Bazaar.

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