Monday, May 7, 2012

Shakshuka for Breakfast

A delicious tomato, red pepper, spicy, poached egg dish. Eating shakshuka for breakfast is not a revelation by the way. Shakshuka is a breakfast dish not a dinner meal. For some reason this tends to surprise most westerners.  HERE is the recipe from The Shiksa in the Kitchen.

Another recipe here

I ate shakshuka for the first time decades ago when I studied in Israel. I also found out about foods like humus, falafel, bourekas and tabouleh. That is why I also outgrew all my clothes and nothing fit me by the time I returned home. No I did not grow upwards, I grew outwards.



Meanwhile, I had attempted to make falafel shortly after my return to the states oh so many decades ago, and ended up catching my parent's kitchen on fire. I kid you not. I was about to deepfry the falafel balls and the fryer caught fire. Instead of putting it out with salt or flour (who knew) I picked up the fry pot, put it under the sink faucet and attempted to put out the oil fire with water.  Ironically, my parents apparently had just had the kitchen redone while I was studying in Israel. Luckily the insurance paid for everything this time go round.

So from that fire-laden-moment until this morning, whenever I wanted something that smacked of Mediterranean cooking I bought it premade. The most I would have to do is zap it in the microwave. Bravely this morning was a step forward in my world. Granted shakshuka does not involve deepfrying and I have progressed in my culinary skills from that of an inexperienced teenager, but still I had the fire extinguisher handy nonetheless.

Just so you don't get confused, apparently there is a musical group called Shakshuka too. They are a blend of Israeli, and Sephardic music with that hint of jazz thrown in. Apparently jazz  is incredibly popular in Israel, who knew? Go HERE.

Meanwhile, I thoroughly enjoyed my shakshuka even though I overcooked the poached eggs. In my humble opinion it wasn't bad for a first time either. And hey the kitchen is still in one piece too. So I think I won this round.

Next time is the big event though, where I try to feed it to the entire family. Wish me luck.

Qi en Pace,



  1. Nummers...the Shakshuka looks deeeelicious! Making my mouth water. My mom used to poach an egg like that in leftover Sukiyaki. One of my favourite childhood dishes. :)

    1. Same idea just different part of the world. That sounds really good too :)


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