Thursday, June 7, 2012

Act of Valor

I just watched it on pay-per-view....this is the original trailer...

Actually the movie itself was pretty formulaic, and you knew what to expect at every turn....

But you also know that out there, in the worst parts of the world, are these very brave youngmen risking life and limb so that our world stays safe.

Watch this movie, if for no other reason to remind yourself that we are a very lucky nation to have these people, Seals and their families, on our side.

Official Navy Seals Website
Official Navy Seals  Videos
Act of Valor You Tube Channel

Qi en Pace,


By the way, this post in no way is meant to denigrate the great service of the Army Rangers or Special Forces (Delta Force)., or those in the general infantry on the front lines of battle everyday. We all sleep well at night because these men stand ready to do violence in our name and protect our way of life.

Special Operations Center from

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