Friday, June 1, 2012

Madonna in Tel Aviv

Madonna began her PEACE tour in Israel last night. From all indications it was a great show and a huge hit with her fans.

If the Motorola add shows up just click on any of the circles in each line and then hit the arrow to your left. It is Hebrew afterall and read right to left not left to right.

Read more about her performance here, here, here, here

Damn wish I looked at good as she does. I suppose if I spent my life dancing, working out and preparing for a several hour live show for months on end I would. No doubt she works her tuchas off. She's 53 and shows no signs of slowing down at all. Love or hate her music, this woman rocks.

Here is another picture making headlines around the world when it comes to Tel Aviv...

 One Israeli blogger wanted to know where she puts the carbine for her rifle....

Meanwhile here's some more reasons that Tel Aviv is considered one of the world's top party cities...

And here is Maxims sexiest woman in the world Israeli super model Bar Rafaeli

Yes I am trying to get my sons interested in their heritage...and I will use an advantage I can. No one said it had to be a fair fight.

Qi en Pace,


By the way, if your child, or you for that matter, happen to be gay, Tel Aviv was also voted the most gay friendly city in the world.  It hosts a huge Gay Pride week which begins June 4th culminating in a huge parade on the 8th that rivals the parade in New York.

Here's the schedule of this year's events.

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