Monday, June 11, 2012

U.N. Me

I have a confession to of the most exciting periods of my life was when we were able to purchase an apartment right next to the United Nations. In fact our apartment was on the same street as the US Mission to the UN. I used to take my children to play in the UN park across the street from my apartment.  I am not an enemy of the UN, I am an enemy of what the UN has become and how it has abandoned its original purpose.


This blog was created to look at the fun and inconsequential parts of life. I generally do not blog politics or "issues" here. However, this movie, presently available on line and through many cable outlets, needs to be seen. It details the corruption and despotism found throughout the United Nations. The movie details the complete failure of the UN's mission and how the UN diplomats, care more for their status and the status of their "committees" instead of the people they are supposed to help. (If you have been following the circus and clownishness of the UN in dealing with the slaughter in Syria you understand what I mean.) While there are many UN programs that are helpful to the most neediest of people around the globe, there is so much more that needs to be eradicated from the UN inorder to bring its original meaning and purpose to fruition.

It is important to remember that the United States taxpayer paid over 8 BILLION dollars to the UN and is agencies last year. In a time of economic crisis, when too many of our own people don't have enough to eat and descent places to sleep, the question becomes why oh why do we continue to allow our legislatures to get away with funding this travesty?

Go HERE to find out more about this movie.

Watch it on You Tube HERE.

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