Thursday, July 26, 2012

Book Review: Judgment Call

I know, I have been on a reading riff lately. It just so happens that many of my favorite authors have released their summertime books all within weeks of each other. The latest good read is by J.A. Jance, Judgment Call.

Jance writes the Sheriff Joanna Brady series. Her latest novel  finds our heroine, the twice elected sheriff of a small town in Arizona, facing a rather puzzling murder mystery. The victim, the highschool principal, seems to live the life of a nun. A semi-nun, by the way, who never goes on line, has no email and never heard of social media. A woman who has no known family, no known friends and no known acquaintances outside of her job. To make matters even more frustrating it seems that Joanna's daughter is caught up in some typical highschool drama, which actually gets in the way of solving the homicide. In the meantime, Joanna also learns about a long ago death, that has implications for her, her family and several prominent people in her very small town.

Yes I like this series because the hero is a woman. A strong woman, who obviously has a supportive spouse, teenage daughter issues and a rambunctious toddler thrown into the mix. In other words, the character lives a real life. And as a true modern woman, she has learned that she can't have it all, but what she does have, she appreciates. She is also that law enforcement officer who  excels at doing the right thing. Something we all aspire to.

You can go back to the beginning of the series and enjoy the character developments; the love triangles; the parent-child relationships; the town upheavals and politics. Or you can dive right into this latest novel. Happily Jance writes her stories so people can understand her characters without needing to delve into their literary past. But make no mistake if you choose to start at the very beginning it will definitely be a worthwhile dalliance.

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