Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ear Infections Are No Fun Especially When the Doctor is an Ass

Oh,  I came down with an ear infection last week. Pain... OMG.

I called my doctors office.

The receptionist asked which one of my docs was my regular physician. I told her. Oh he wasn't on call that day. Well I can see anyone I told her. She told me to hold. She came back on the phone, apparently after speaking to the office manager or the doctor on duty and told me...

They had no room for me and was sending me to urgent care instead or I could wait until tomorrow to see a different doctor. Excuse me? You tell a longtime patient that the doctor can't see you even if you are in pain. That you can go run around looking for a place in another town half an hour away or wait another day to see one of their doctors.....remember the operative word here  is "ear pain"....oh no I don't think so...

The receptionist said if "I didn't know which I wanted I could always call back once I made up my mind."

I told her that she can rest assured "I wasn't going to fucking ever call back"...Yeah not the best way to handle the situation but you know pain is pain and tough nuts to this unfeeling bitch...

I kept hearing her say...."excuse me...excuse me"... as I hung up the phone.

Hubby did offer to take me to the emergency room of our local hospital at that point.

However, before sitting for five hours in the emergency room I decided I would call the boys' pediatrician and asked if they could recommend someone for me. (They are part of this huge doctor group that includes all disciplines of medicine.) Got a name. Called.

Lo and behold they were able to fit me in and had someone see me. Yes I had to wait 1 and 1/2 hours, but they didn't turn me away. They didn't know who I was. They had no record of me. But they heard I was in pain and they found a place for me.

Once in the patient room, the visit took all of five minutes. (Too bad the old doctor didn't have the time....shmucks.)

Doc looked in my ear. Yep big infection. I told her what antibiotics work best for me. She wrote the prescription. I shook her hand and told her it was nice to meet her.

She is now my new doctor.

Do doctors not understand that customer service is important and helping people is their job?

By the way, this is not the first time I had issues lately with this office. This is just the last straw.

Qi en Pace,


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