Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Good Luck Charms and a Birthday Wish for the USA

I admit it I am superstitious. Not the superstitious where you are afraid to break a mirror, have a black cat cross your path or walk under a ladder. Well the ladder issue is not superstitious that's just being cautious. Let's talk reality here, do you want crap falling on your head from whatever the handymen are working on when they are standing on a ladder? No I didn't think so...

Anyway, as you walk into my house you are greeted with things that I think bring luck into our abode...My version of Feng Shui.

You are greeted with a mezuzah on my front door. Jewish households are commanded to remind themselves of God's presence..inside you will find a portion of Deuteronomy....handwritten according to religious law as outlined in the Torah.

This mezuzah is made out of Jerusalem stone. It is a replica of one of the Gates of the Old City.

Then you will see the following items in my foyer:

Tree-of-life Hanukkah menorah. The tree of life is another name for the Torah. What Christians call the Old Testament.

Hamsa... the crystal engraving ..also known as a "Yad or Hand of God." The blue stones are from Turkey (a present from a friend). They too are Hamsas. The blue is meant to keep the evil eye away. If you travel through Arab countries you will find that many of their doorways are painted blue as well. The Crusaders by the way were characterized by blue-eyes. You do the math.

Chinese-Lucky bamboo. I have had this plant for almost six years now. So far so good.....

This is my Ketubah- my Jewish marriage certificate. The words used in the Ketubah are thousands of years old. While many in today's day and age choose to write their own Ketubah with a more modern imprint, we chose to go the traditional route. Actually the ketubah is the first known written document outlining a women's rights in marriage. It is actually the first object in direct line of sight when you open the frontdoor. By the way, it sits next to hubby's chair.

But ultimately the absolute first thing you notice when you come to my front stoop is this......

People need to be reminded just how lucky they are to be free and once in a while it wouldn't hurt to remember the price that has been paid for that freedom too.

 By the way...HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA....forever may you be that shining light upon the hill....

Qi en Pace,


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