Sunday, July 22, 2012

Needlepoints and Creating Treasures

I used to frequent the needlepoint store in my hometown. I loved their canvasses and the fact that they used old fashioned yarn for their projects. I was truly at a loss when they closed up shop and moved to the hinter lands of Connecticut. I then went on line and found the Elizabeth Bradley website and created numerous pillows out of her beautiful canvasses. I had wanted to create one of her "rugs" but unfortunately everything got truly messed up. I ended up throwing the project away....I know cringe....but sometimes I get so frustrated that is truly my response. Not proud of that...but there you are.

Rose Canvas

After that sad episode, I decided to try my hand at knitting. And as anyone who knows me knows, when I put myself into something I practice and work at the craft until I get it right. So for years I knitted and created: hats, socks, sweaters, coats, scarves, blankets, layette sets, etc. You name it, I knitted it. Both for my family, my parents, for Project Linus, Soldiers Angels and Operation Gratitude. Recently though, I have had enough.

I had bought yarn with the idea that I would knit a layette for a friend and I just couldn't do it..I looked at that yarn and felt nauseous. I told her to let me know where she was registered and I would buy the baby something they wanted instead. She didn't mind. Honestly she might have even been happier, since I took something off their "need" list.

Happily, I just sent the yarn off to Operation Gratitude so others could knit scarves for our service personnel. But I have gotten bored. Yes I have been reading alot....Yes I like to write and have three blogs now. This one, my autism blog and a political blog (warning if you read it, it is center right on foreign affairs and pretty liberal on social issues). Still something was missing....I needed another type of creativity to keep me happy.

So I have returned to needlepoint. I found this terrific website called NeedlepointUS. They have the most wonderful tapestries from Europe with every theme imaginable. They use a different wool then I had been used to, but I am learning how to sew with it and the projects look really nice.

Actually I now have two projects that I am working on. I initially was very ambitious and bought a wall hanging of the Lady and the Unicorn. It has proven rather unwieldy and frustration did set in. However, I held my own and didn't throw this canvas out. I have packed it away for another day. In speaking to the website's owner, she implored me not to toss it and that if I had real problems they have people that would finish or fix it for me.....I am going to wait, stay calm, and maybe once I finish a smaller piece I will return to this overambitious project.

I wanted a light hearted canvas.  I bought something bright, sunny and fun. I chose a smaller albeit not tiny  picture with beautiful colors that is a reminder of spring. Here is what I have begun....

Vase de Fleur

This is what is waiting for me in the wings......

The Lady and the Unicorn

I see busy fingers in the years to come.

Qi en Pace,


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