Sunday, July 15, 2012

Prada and Schiaparelli Together At Last

Evening jacket 1937

 I admit it, I am late to this exhibit. ...

If you are in New York City, go right over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There is a terrific exhibit by the Costume Institute. They take two icons of fashion, Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada,  and juxtapose some of their most famous creations. It is very interesting to see just how much "new" fashion plays off the classics. Honestly I found myself loving the Schiaparelli clothes alot more than Prada..however, there was this one flapper style dress by Muccia that was just magnificent. (The purple dress below.)

From the Met

One of the more enchanting parts of the exhibit was how the two designers discuss their fashion philosophies. Of course you couldn't have Schiaparelli actually partake, since she passed away in 1973, but they had the incomparable Judy Davis play her in the vignettes.

Then for those who love true extravagance and artistic flair in their clothes be prepared, because the exhibit was actually staged by Baz Luhrman of Moulin Rouge fame ....

and the upcoming remake of The Great Gatsby.

The exhibit is available for one more month, until August 19.

Qi en Pace,


Yeah I came home with the book of the exhibit and the refrigerator magnets too...couldn't help myself.

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