Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My New Tech Obsession:My Kindle Fire

Yes, I have been AWOL for the last month. Apart from the fact that I really didn't have much new fun things to talk about, my father passed away unexpectedly two weeks ago and its been quite the roller coaster ride. I was in Florida with my mother for ten days before I had to leave to come home to my own family. It was hard to leave her, but I had no choice. She understood that. I understood that, but it doesn't make it any easier. I have to say though thank heaven for technology.

Since my mother now lives alone in Florida I gave her my iPad, so she can facetime chat with us while we are away from her. It's important that we be able to not only hear her voice, but to have eyes on her as well. We need to make sure she is eating and going out and taking care of herself. So before she left as well,  brilliant-computer-sis had her all set up and on the iPad and her computer. My problem now was that  I still needed a new tablet.

In all honesty I didn't want to buy a new iPad. Not because I don't love Apple products. Everything I have is made by Apple. (iPads are a little pricey right now too) In all honesty, I had begun to read on the Kindle app. So I had thought about buying a generic kindle before I had given up my iPad anyway. But then I looked at the Kindle Fire and decided that I would buy that one instead. What pushed me over to the Fire was that fact that it streamed movies from amazon. We are a huge amazon prime movie family.

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Well unbeknownst to me (probably because I don't pay attention since the Kindle Fire page talks about all its benefits) not only does the Fire stream movies and TV shows, but since it is an android platform it has all the android apps. Yep every app I had had on my iPad (including my optimum TV app) I could now redownload onto the Fire, plus all the books, magazines and games I used to play.

Yes, unlike the iPad there is no phone access. So if you do not have wifi you can't use the download feature of the Fire. However, I never used the phone part of the iPad (it had been a gift from brilliant-computer-sis when she bought her new iPad, and she had bought it originally with phone capability), only the wifi access anyway. Besides wherever you go in today's day and age, you generally have wifi. Plus when you download books, magazines and movies it is in the Fire's memory until you delete everything. So for the most part you really don't need the 4G access.

Oh and the Fire also gets my email as well. ...Its web accessible too, so I don't have to give up my twitter and facebook addiction. Yes I know I have my phone to help me along with everything but the Fire is just a little bigger so it makes typing and reading just a little easier.

Did I mention its 7" by 3"s. Fits comfortably in my handbag and I even bought a cute hotpink cover for it.

Yes. I made myself happy.

Oh and don't worry I can still facetime with my mom on my iPhone or on my Mac.....

Qi en Pace,