Wednesday, September 26, 2012


For those that don't know my father past away unexpectedly last August at the age of 78. My parents were married 53 years.

52 year ago this past September, my father bought a present for my mother celebrating the day I was born. It was a heart shaped charm for her charm bracelet. I now wear it around my neck, in memory of their love.

We go through our lives knowing that at some point we will bury our parents. But when faced with this reality it hits us like an avalanche. But it also gives us pause. A major life milestone allows us to review and examine our lives, where we have been and where we want to go.

Psychologists say it takes a good year to fully recover from the loss of a loved one. I know many who never get over the passing of a parent, you simply learn to live with that void in your life.

I do like to think that there had to be some meaning in my father's passing. Perhaps the boys needed another guardian angel in heaven. Somewhere, there at God's elbow, my father is whispering how my children need special care, guidance and support. I told my mother that that is the only reason I can think of why my father died so young. There is no other rational reason.

A Righteous Man...My Father
The Jewish Days of Awe, Death of a Parent, and a Conundrum of Conscience

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Run 10 Feed 10..Help the Hungry in the USA

The Feed Foundation the organization created by Lauren Bush-Lauren to help feed the hungry in Africa, has a new program to help feed the hungry in America, Run10Feed10. If a child does not eat properly, they cannot learn. If they cannot learn they cannot become all that they are entitled to become. Our nation may be in trouble economically, but we are still the wealthiest and freest people in the history of humankind. It is a sin that anyone goes to bed hungry in this country. It is time to help.

You can start a team to raise money, or run on your own. You can see who is running in your City and just donate to a strangers team or donate directly to Run10Feed10. HERE  Or if you want you can also buy some really cute gear.

3/4 sleeve T

baseball jersey

coffee cup

Of course you can always go to the original Feed Foundation and donate to their many different programs as well HERE. Or you can purchase some bags (you knew there would be handbags involved here somehow right...) at Feed Projects.

provide 50 meals to hungry Americans

Tory Burch Feed Bag

Or go HERE for all items that can help someone else....

Yes, I have a bag from years holds my knitting.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

My New Fall Handbag Obsession

Phillip Lim 3.1 Pashli Flap Satchel in fushia

I love the color of this bag. I feel happy just looking at it.

What annoys me a little bit though is that the design is definitely a knock-off of the much more expensive Celine Luggage bag......I don't like copy-cats but then again if the design works why not remake it in several images for everyone?

Celine Luggage Tote

Not sure how plagiarism comes into play here. But I do know that the "red sole" is now exclusive to Louboutin shoes...

Honestly I leave it to the fashion world to figure out the legal contretemps...I'll just content myself with looking at these very very very pretty life-catchers. Yeah a backpack can carry all your junk too, but sorry its really not the same thing.......

North Face

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