Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Book Review: Last to Die by Tess Gerritsen

Are you a fan of the TV show Rizzoli and Isles? Well I am. I actually am ashamed to admit this, but I didn't realize the show was a mash-up of a book series by author Tess Gerritsen. Now I say mash-up because a few things have been changed for the TV series, but not much. Anyway I decided since I had watched every episode of the show I could just wade into her latest book. Actually you can, all you need to do is give a few background allusions a leap of faith. Not to worry it has no effect on the plot of this novel.

Here you find our heroines knee deep in trouble once again. There are mass murders, family intrigue and international espionage. There is police politics and underworld shenanigans. There is the good old fashioned Rizzoli family drama along  with the "nerd heaven" of the coroner's office.

This book, like the television show, is fun. Something not too serious, with highly intelligent super-heroines that solve unreal crimes, but have all too human problems.

And yes, aspergers even appears in this novel too....now that was completely unexpected but considering the focus on autism lately I wasn't totally surprised.


Interestingly this is the first time, I used my Kindle Fire to read a novel. I have to say that I do tend to enjoy holding a book. Reading for me is not only about the words on the page but it is tactile as well. Now I had purchased a Kindle Fire in the mistaken belief that it was as useful as an iPad; wanted to conjoin the ease of an e-reader and a mini-tablet. Nope its really is not, but hey you live and learn. It does not have as much storage space as the iPad and I really don't like the Android platform. Anyway I had purchased Last to Die as soon as the Kindle arrived. Yep it took me months to get down to reading it.  (This is probably why) The Kindle part of the Fire is not bad. Honestly if I was going on a major trip its much better than lugging a huge and heavy book with me, but something still gets lost in the translation.

My recommendation: buy an iPad (yes Apple has a kindle app but it isn't really good for long term reading) and a basic kindle. That will keep you very happy wherever you go.

Qi en Pace,


PS: I tend to link to Amazon, simply because I am an Amazon Prime member. I get no kick backs for you clicking on the link above. I am certain you can find this book on Barnes and Noble or at any other book seller too.

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