Friday, December 27, 2013

Car Repairs, Car Leases, Tires and Fancy Shmancy Shoes

Car repairs this morning. I brought the hubby's car in for its regular maintenance. I also wanted to make certain that it was winterized since it sits outside all season long. The last thing the husband needs is to have his car not start when he has to leave for work. So of course that is an especially expensive maintenance to replace every form of fluid in the engine. Then the service supervisor mentioned that they should also have to replace the brake fluid, at a little more cost. Well how do you not add in the brake fluid? The engine would work but the hubby couldn't stop the car and end up crashing? I suppose if I didn't like hubby and didn't want him around for the next 50 years (before I ask for more time) then it would be something I could cheap out on, but since he is a cutie.... brake fluid it is.

Now I'm sitting in the waiting room, playing on my laptop, biding my time when the service supervisor came by a second time and mentioned that the car also needs 4 new tires. The tires basically failed inspection. So I guess with all the new fluids it would be good for hubby to not be riding around on bald tires. While men expect to lose their hair and probably go bald in some respects, something we women do find endearing as they age (well we really don't have too much choice in the matter do we), bald tires are not so charming or safe.

Supervisorman said that the tread is supposed to be at 10 cms and hubby's is just under 3cm. I am thinking to myself, "nope, not so good." By the way, I am really pleased with myself that I decided it was time to get the car serviced. Who knew the hubby was riding around in a ticking timebomb! (Uh oh am I not supposed to use the word "bomb" anymore? Is homeland security going to come to my door and offer me a ride to the nearest hoosegow for a "discussion" after they put together their latest metadata?) Anyway, new tires and a new alignment it is too.

In fact the supervisorman did remind me that even though the car is a lease, you have to return it back to the dealership with useable tires.  So, since we would have to buy a set of new tires in 6 months when the carelease was up we might as well get some use out of them and of course the safety for hubby issue is a little more paramount. Undoubtedly, if he used the car more we would have noticed the disappearing tiretread a lot sooner. Oh well....

In truth hubby's car basically only goes back and forth to the trainstation, so waiting for the car to register a low oil level to indicate the need for a service appointment doesn't really happen very often. In fact the last service was exactly one year ago. So in the world of "what did you expect to happen," I suppose considering the fact that the car hasn't been serviced in a year we really got away cheap.

Yeah yeah yeah we have always leased. We tend to kill our cars and would turn them in for a new one once the drivetrain warranty expired anyway. That's basically every three years. So we lease for 3 years and 12,000 miles a year now. When the boys were younger I used to get the 15,000 miles a year lease. What with all the running around and driving like a maniac from therapy to lesson to school that I always did. You should have seen what I did to a car then. Also the monthly payments for a leased car is still cheaper than if we bought and you do get to drive a better car for less.

Interestingly on another level, the societal powers that be say you use up cars and shoes the same. And yes hard on my cars I am. My car is in the body shop right now for the second time in several months. Either I keep hitting imaginary walls when I go into parking lots or some dent fairy comes along and puts holes in my car bumpers. I know it has to be a fairy, or more likely an ogre, since no one seems to ever leave a note with their insurance information.

Meanwhile, as a car destroyer and latent shoe mangler,  it's probably a good idea for me to wear clogs most of the time and keep my good shoes off to the side just in case I ever go anywhere special. Not that dressing up and going out is something I do at all. Well except for the occasional family milestone event.
Had that time in my life when I was young and it seemed like fun to go out to restaurants. But over the years I have developed not only an aversion to fancy clothes that bind but to pantyhose and heels so high they hurt your feet. Yes I still like to shop for  fancy shmancy shoes and even own a few pair, but it's the wearing of them that does not make me overjoyed.

But one day I would still like to drive a fancy shmancy car....wouldn't you?

We'd just have to find a way to keep the invisible dent meenies very very very far away.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Google Crossword...Lets Compare Answers....

In honor of the 100 year anniversary of the invention of the crossword puzzle Google created a little doodle-crossword of its own. They are also no providing any answers. They want people to compare and contrast. So here is a screenshot of my answers:

Tell me what you think. What answers do you have?


Someone uploaded their screenshot onto yahoo answers. Some make more sense than what I had written down.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Rose-Camouflage Nightingale

Well, now that I have gotten over my latest handbag obsession, I, of course, have found a new one. I think I am being honest when I tell you that there is always going to be a new handbag-need-want-desire-fixation.....While I am behind the times in finding the nightingale-style  by Givenchy, the spring 2014 rose-camouflage print is lovely.

And guess what! It only costs half of what the Louis Vuitton handbag-infatuation did.

I suppose that means I am finally becoming more economical in my not really. I just love roses and this bag is very fun.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

On-Line Consignment

Well I decided to bite the bullet and try consignment. Not to buy, but to sell. During over 30 years of marriage I had created a rather nice cache of handbags for myself that I just wasn't using. They were sitting there, put away properly in storage so that they did not get damaged. I decided that it was time to see if anyone out there in this entire internet world would actually want some of my slightly used goods. And apparently they did...

How did I come to this revelation all of a sudden? Honestly, I had just read an article in Forbes magazine  about consignment shops.

Luxury for Less: New Web Sites Offer Gently Used Designer Goods
Consignment Shop Treasures: Where to Go and What to Buy
For Designer Consignment Online, Is Authentication a Pipe Dream or A  Differentiator

And these other articles too:

The RealReal is the Real Deal (fashionista)
Shopping Obsession: TheRealReal is Online Consignment Paradise (glamour)

So I contacted TheRealReal. Very professional. Very helpful. My handbags sold within a week.

I'm supposed to get my first check soon.

I've got my eye on another handbag. Yes, its an obsession, and no the bag I want is not the Louis Vuitton I wrote about.

In truth the money is going to go for tuition.

UPDATE: Check came. Tuition paid. All is good.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

If You are Feeling Inadequate after Watching the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show...Watch this ....

Listen, these Victoria Secrets models are gorgeous young women. But next to them even Taylor Swift, who I think is one amazing package from beauty to brains, to talent added to sheer gumption, was lacking. So what is the average girl supposed to think about herself?

Heck I watched the show for a few minutes, until the hubby had had enough. He kept asking what the point was and does anyone really wear that skimpy underwear? Now I don't wear thongs or push up bras, but I'm not exactly walking around in granny panties either. Men really don't pay attention to a woman's wardrobe. Remember, buy the lingerie for yourself, not for them.

Meanwhile, while playing my music today I was reminded of a song I added to my playlist from a few years ago. Watch it and remember how each one of us is beautiful in our own way..... Especially make your daughters watch...


Monday, December 9, 2013

Cyber shopping...Hell Yeah!

I am old enough to remember Christmas time without the internet. To some people going and braving the crowds in the shopping malls are the way to celebrate the holiday season. Not so here in this house. I used to avoid stores at this time of year like they were infected with the bubonic plague. Yes being Jewish that did make it easier to avoid the crush of holiday humanity especially as we never did the 8 nights of Hanukkah presents in this house. Not with all the relatives giving gifts. Every year it was as if the children became a toy store unto themselves. Enough became enough

Not certain why this yearly tradition of being squeezed into a brick and motar store like sardines is so much fun for some, but they still do it as part and parcel of tradition. Personally I like the new tradition....

Sitting with a glass of wine, in your PJs, at any time of day or night as you Google what you want to buy and check out who has the cheaper price, faster service and better delivery options... now that's my idea of holiday spirit. And yes, any shopping with a little bit of sparkling wine adds to the cheeriness of the moment. No alcohol is evil references here please. Apart from the fact that someone is an alcoholic or pregnant and not allowed to drink, the daily glass of vino has umpteen number of benefits and is a grown-up way to relax. So hands off the bubbly.

Actually, I remember decades ago, this little start up company called Amazon, that along with its bookstore partner (can't remember now if it was Barnes and Noble or Borders) would deliver any book you wanted right to your door. One of the things I did like to do was spend hours and hours in any bookstore looking for something interesting to read. Honestly, it was one of the few things I had in common with my father-in-law. Meanwhile, I can still recall this excited phone conversation from years back when the FIL found Amazon on line. He was so thrilled and excited. He had just ordered a new novel and they delivered it right to his office. He sounded like a kid in a candy store with an unlimited budget.

Also since my boys were little at the time, my
friend called me about this interesting new website etoys, that would deliver the toys, already wrapped too, right to your door for the holiday season. (Etoys has since been co-opted by Amazon). I spent that Christmas season sending all the nieces and nephews presents using etoys. It was the easiest and best holiday season I had ever spent. Think about it. You don't have to set up time to go to the toy store, and with two young children that was a chore in and of itself. Try getting a babysitter during the week if you didn't want to wait for the hubby to watch the kids when he was off work and then you got to go to the Toys R Us on the weekends, with everyone else in the world. FUN NOT  Then you needed to hope that the toy you know your special child may want was still available and that you didn't have to deal with some belligerent parent who also wanted that one particular toy. Next you would have to stand in line to have the gifts wrapped or go home and spend hours wrapping them yourself (and they never looked as good as when the wrappers did it in the store). Finally you would have to brave the post office to have them send the package to the right recipient. Meanwhile, the post office would invariably lose at least one or two of the presents every year as well. Oh yeah, UPS and fedex were in their fledgling states and only businesses would use them to send packages overnight.

What a new and exciting world was beginning. You young'uns are so spoiled today and you don't even know it.

Of course, cyber shopping also makes it easier to spend money, go into debt and generally spend money you don't have on crap that you don't need and will never ever really use. But hey isn't that the American way, materialism, merchandizing and fulfilling self-esteem needs through physical, tactile and Madison Avenue induced want. It's what keeps our economy, or what's left of our economy,  afloat, well sort of....


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Longchamp 3D for the Spring

I have begun to expand my handbag obsessiveness to Longchamp. It may not have the gravitas of Louis Vuitton but the price point is reasonable and the bags are oh so fashionable.

This is the Longchamp 3D

It also comes in this pink.

You can chose from 7 different colors including the shown purple and pink plus black, dark or light brown, honey (yellow), duck (teal)

Here's what it looks like worn:


Not certain if its too luggage-y looking or just right as a carryall for everyday. I'll have to think on that for the time being.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This Ad was Rejected for the Super Bowl but I Bet There will be Ads with Women's Breasts Hanging Out

But misogynistic adds with women's privates hanging out, or talking about farting, penises, erections and "getting your nasty on" is fine and dandy. Never mind the almost religious devotion to all forms of alcohol abuse, fast food consumption and general hedonism.

I suppose the NFL doesn't really pay attention to the number of national football players who regularly are arrested and charged with violation of laws about concealed weapons, drugs or sexual battery. I'll take wagers that if any of those criminals are slotted for that national sports Sunday, the NFL will find a reason that they are allowed on the field of play. Or maybe the NFL  should just keep on hiring vile garbage like Michael Vick that tortured and murdered dozens and dozens of defenseless dogs. (Remember his rape stands for the females?) Oh but I guess I couldn't understand that socioeconomic reality, according to Whoopi Goldberg, "dog fighting"  is a "black" culture thing.

Just what is the NFL trying to prove? Or trying to teach us? And who the hell asked them? Those self-important dumbasses. Maybe someone should read them the Constitution and the 2nd amendment. I want someone to do a poll of all the team owners and see how many of these multimillionaires walk around with armed bodyguards for them and their families. I guess gun rights are fine for them and the ones they love. It's like the Congressional Politicos who tell us we aren't allowed to own guns to take care of ourselves, but these political elites are allowed to be protected by their own police force.

You know what... America's values are upside-down-backwards-inside-out and brainless.

No I won't be watching the SuperBowl this year. Luckily, I also live in one of the only houses in the USA with men that really couldn't care less about football. In their own words...who cares what strangers do on a football field. If they themselves aren't playing why would it matter to anyone? So it won't be an issue.

Thankful for my men's priorities.

Michelle Malkin on a complete rundown of some adds that have been Oked for this year's Super Bowl.


Just in case you couldn't figure out where I stand on the second amendment:

“The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday: Stupid Human Tricks

Seriously people its just more crap you really don't need.... watch one of these jackasses pull out a taser. Did you happen to notice the baby stroller nearby? It seems one of them has procreated....

When historians discuss the destruction and downfall of the United States it's not going to be because of Obamacare, an out of control debt or a lawless president ignoring the Constitution. It is going to be because of the abject stupidity of enough people that makes this yearly beatdown over useless crap a common place event.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Ari Lesser, the singer in the video, is an orthodox Jewish reggae singer. He made a bit of a name for himself with this rap song HERE calling out the hypocrites of the hate-Israel movement.

Meanwhile, the very talented Mr. Lesser,  in honor of Thanksgivukkah, made the following video...Oh yeah if you hadn't heard Hanukkah and Thanksgiving fall at the same time this year. It won't happen again for another 79,000 enjoy.

By the way, the scenes in the video are all from Jerusalem, Israel.

Lyrics by Ari Lesser

There's so much I'm grateful for
Today a cannot ask for more
I have my heart and soul and strength
This life is blessed so I give thanks

Give thanks to the Universal One
Give thanks for the moon and stars and sun
Give thanks for the Earth on which we live
Give thanks for the bounty she can give
Give thanks for tree and the fruit it grows
Give thanks for the cup that overflows
Give thanks for the food and drink and air
Give thanks there's more than enough to share
Give thanks for the extra we can spare
Give thanks for the clothes we have to wear
Give thanks for the comfort of our beds
Give thanks for the roofs above our heads

There's so much I'm grateful for
Today a cannot ask for more
I have my heart and soul and strength
This life is blessed so I give thanks

Give thanks to the Only Source Of All
Give thanks for the big and for the small
Give thanks for the low and the highest height
Give thanks for the dark and for the light
Give thanks for the times of joy and song
Give thanks for the pain the keeps us strong
Give thanks because we're still alive
Give thanks this moment has arrived
Give thanks our path has brought us here
Give thanks, we lived another year
Give thanks for the past we left behind
Give thanks for the future we will find

There's so much I'm grateful for
Today a cannot ask for more
I have my heart and soul and strength
This life is blessed so I give thanks

Give thanks to Infinite Most High
Give thanks no matter how or why
Give thanks in every time and place
Give thanks we're part of the human race
Give thanks for the people that we meet
Give thanks for the neighbors on our street
Give thanks for the teachers that we had
Give thanks for every mom and dad
Give thanks for the family that we got
Give thanks for the friends we like a lot
Give thanks for the ones who we hold dear
Give thanks that those we love are hear

There's so much I'm grateful for
Today a cannot ask for more
I have my heart and soul and strength
This life is blessed so I give thanks

So Happy Hanukkah, Happy Thanksgiving and most of all blessings and joy.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Get It Started

Seriously gotta luv this guy. Christina, Jennifer and Shakira.........


Adam Levine Sexiest Man of the Year? Seriously? I Mean Seriously?


More like he should be the feminized-metrosexual-classless jerk of the year. He looks like an underfed, cocaine addicted, stringbean who forgot how to say stop to a tattoo artist.

Society has been attempting to feminize males in education for decades now, which is having a detrimental enough effect on the future.

 It's September, so It's Time to "Talk" about Schools Failing Boys...Yet Again

"I was a teacher's aide when we first moved to New York City, while I studied for the Bar Exam. I had never been a parent before and was indoctrinated through my education and society in general, that boys needed to be trained to not be murderous, physical, dangerous beings. One day I caught two of my four-year-old charges playing cops and robbers. The boys had fashioned guns out of legos and were pretend shooting at each other in a "police fire fight." I promptly took the lego guns away and gave the boys time outs in their cubbies. I was determined to not let them think that violent behavior was the way things get done. I remember them crying as I lectured them about guns. They had no idea what they had done wrong. They were in truth, just being boys. (These boys are now probably close to thirty. And even though it was so long ago, my youthful-self-righteousness still bothers me at times.)

After Mr.GS was born, I decided that we needed to make sure that he had no preconceived notions about gender and that he was not socialized to think that girls could not do the same job as boys. So we subscribed to Parents Magazine's monthly infant toy club. Once a month we would get gender neutral toys for him and that way he would learn to not predetermine what someone is or who someone would be depending on their gender. We also did not buy him specifically "BOY" toys and brought a variety of gender neutral children's toys into the house."

Read the whole article HERE

But the feminization of men in the context of sexuality its just down right gross. Seriously, other than some gay men, why would anyone want to sleep with a feminized man?

So our society has gone from the manliness of John Wayne .....

to George Clooney.....

to Adam Levine. Now this? Really....

I say it again gross...simply gross.


Here at humanevents..."Adam Levine is what's wrong with the modern male"

Monday, November 18, 2013

Ordering in Food was Definitely Created by a Busy Woman

Yesterday was one of those days. I started it off by working out. Listen, I knew what was to come and realized that if I did not do my exercises I would never get around to working on that rather flabby butt of mine. So off I went to the basement for my hour of cardio and some 20 minutes of a free weight regime.

Then I proceeded with the rest of my day. I cleaned the bathrooms, the kitchen, mopped the ceiling (yes the ceiling, I will explain lower) and of course the floors. I use the swifter wet mop for the ceiling. I live in a 1950s style house with the level ceilings common in that era, not the 9 feet arched ceilings found in today's houses. So when there is alot of cooking, frying, steaming etc on the stove, there is bound to be residue on the ceiling. Hence it needs to be cleaned. Hence, I mop the ceiling. I used to climb up there with a bottle of Clorox and a sponge and wash it down. This is easier, with no chance of me failing off a ladder and breaking a vital part of my anatomy. I did Clorox and wipe down the kitchen walls however.

I then asked the hubby if he needed help with raking the leaves outside. You see, our vunderkinda were too busy to help their dad. They claimed they were doing homework or what they said was homework. But it looked strangely like they were playing on STEAM to me. Needlesstosay, I didn't want the hubby to have to deal with all the leaves himself...oh I have to add that apart from a few rakings of the driveway we have been the bad neighbors and not taken care of picking up our leaves in front of the house as yet. So there is enough leaves on our property to probably create one heck of a crash pillow for a Hollywood stuntperson.

I got assigned the task of leaf blower holder. Yep that little device that you see all the landscapers use instead of a rake to pile up the leaves became my property for a few hours. Well I guess technically it was my property anyway since we, the family own it. But you know what I mean. It's a hubby tool item, therefore, hubby property. But I was allowed to touch it after a quick lesson in how it works.

I decided that we needed to get rid of all the leaves in the street-gutter out front of the house. Figured if there was a huge rain storm that the leaves would clog up the street-drain and cause some kind of flooding. Not wanting to be sued by the neighbors, I started to get rid of those leaves. Meanwhile hubby raked the driveway.

By the way, holding that air machine while it goes at 150 miles an hour is alot of work on the female muscles. Now swinging it back and forth was really good for my obliques, but this morning the arms are a little achy.

Anyway, once I had finished being the supportive spouse it was time to come inside and shower so I wasn't taken away as a hazmat area. Meanwhile,  oldest vunderkinda had decided to luxuriate in a bath during my work ideal, so lo and behold there was very little hot water when it was my turn. Nope. I was none too pleased. But made up for the disappointment in another way.

I decided that I had earned a nice glass of sparkling wine. So at 5 pm, yes 5pm (at least I waited until the cocktail hour) I poured myself a little (medium sized...oh heck a really robust) glass of vino. That definitely put the bounce back into my step. But made it rather difficult to decide what to make for dinner, apart from the fact that I felt I had done enough for one day. Hence the idea to order in some Chinese take-out.

No, we don't order in very much. We do try to watch what we eat and maintain a healthy life style so ordering in food that you know is full of fat, salt and goodness knows what else to make it taste great is not the best way to go. And yes Chinese food is definitely not dietetic unless you do away with the white rice, the sauces, the soy sauce, the frying..well the stuff that actually makes it taste good. And yes I know that American-Chinese fair has very little resemblance to what they eat in China. Listen, the meal was so good and I ended up being so hungry I ate the entire dinner portion in one sitting. (usually the servings are so big they can last for a few meals). But I did have brown rice (yeah me).

And yes today I need a water pill...the food was salty (no, no MSG since I am allergic and if there was MSG my face would have gone numb, the chef just used too much salt for my body) and I am puffy. But I had fun and so did the hubby and the vunderkinda. But the best part of course, was that I didn't have to cook, or clean up, since the boys still have their dinner washing duties no matter who cooks the meal.

You know, sometimes you just have to say....order in.


P.S.Just so you don't think my life is so glamorous, when I got up to go to the bathroom at 4 in the morning (a post age 50 and menopause gift), I promptly stepped in a pile of doggie poo left behind by the bichon. So there I was, the order-in-lady of leisure, cleaning dog crap off the bottom of my foot and the floor in the early pre-dawn hours, using Clorox wipes of course. Sometimes the Universe is just a pain in the ass.

Friday, November 15, 2013

That World Famous Israeli Medical Disaster Team Helps Again, Now in the Philippines

This Israeli medical team became famous after the terrible Haiti disaster. They are now saving lives in the Philippines.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Quantum physics proves that there is life after death....OH... OK

From the Daily Mail (online)

  • Robert Lanza claims the theory of biocentrism says death is an illusion
  • He said life creates the universe, and not the other way round
  • This means space and time don't exist in the linear fashion we think it does
  • He uses the famous double-split experiment to illustrate his point
  • And if space and time aren't linear, then death can't exist in 'any real sense' either


    Biocentrism is classed as the Theory of Everything and comes from the Greek for 'life centre'. It is the belief that life and biology are central to reality and that life creates the universe, not the other way round.  

    Lanza uses the example of the way we perceive the world around us. 

    A person sees a blue sky, and is told that the colour they are seeing is blue, but the cells in a person's brain could be changed to make the sky look green or red. 

    Our consciousness makes sense of the world, and can be altered to change this interpretation.

    The universe is a construct of our minds, claims Lanza
    By looking at the universe from a biocentric's point of view, this also means space and time don't behave in the hard and fast ways our consciousness tell us it does. 

    In summary, space and time are 'simply tools of our mind.'

    Once this theory about space and time being mental constructs is accepted, it means death and the idea of immortality exist in a world without spatial or linear boundaries. 

    Theoretical physicists believe that there is infinite number of universes with different variations of people, and situations taking place, simultaneously. 

    Lanza added that everything which can possibly happen is occurring at some point across these multiverses and this means death can't exist in 'any real sense' either.  

    Lanza, instead, said that when we die our life becomes a 'perennial flower that returns to bloom in the multiverse.'

    Read the whole article HERE It is very interesting.


    Life after death is generally part of a belief system. Of course religion has a different take on the afterlife than does Dr. Lanza, but at the same time it is all rather intriguing. Personally I don't believe in heaven or hell. I used to believe in reincarnation, but then I segued to Jung's theory of genetic memory to explain past lives. It's not exactly how Jung envisioned his thesis, however it worked for me. On the other hand, the idea that we are energy embarking on a different journey after we "die" is an interesting perspective.
    Would like to figure out where we go though, just so I know what to pack.


    Tuesday, November 12, 2013

    The Thunder Rolls.....

    I was reminded of my favorite Garth Brooks songs recently....yes I like country music too, not just electronica and dance.


    Saturday, November 9, 2013

    Donate a Coat- Winter is Near

    Just a reminder to those in the Northern part of the USA, winter is almost upon us and many people cannot afford proper winter clothing for themselves and their families. If you have an extra coat, or any kind of winter gear lying around please contact your local charity. There is a needy person out there who could use your help.

    I just received notice from Big Brothers Big Sisters organization that they are having a coat drive. I know Salvation Army always takes clothes; check with your local United Way; maybe there is a local community center that accepts old clothes; ask you church or synagogue where you can donate; in New York City there is always a coat drive.

    New York Cares Coat Drive


    Wednesday, November 6, 2013

    Fall Back or Spring Ahead, it all Sucks

    I have been waking up at 4:45 every morning since Sunday. I know its only been three days but its becoming a big pain in the ass. I have even tried staying up til midnight, which according to my body is 1AM, so that maybe I would be tired enough to get a decent nights sleep. But nope, my damn body clock has decided that I need to get up at its perceived 6AM time.

    And no, don't tell me to go to bed at 11 or 10 so that maybe I would get my normal hours of sleep. I need to adjust to the new time. I need to let my system figure out that it needs to stay asleep a little while longer. My body clock like my hormonal clock needs to figure out this mess and up end itself so I can function. Hopefully the clock change comeuppance will resolve itself alot sooner than my ongoing and never ending hormonal fluctuations.

    Meanwhile, I am so tired right now that I am a cranky mess. Patience is wearing thin. Tolerance is out the window. A pot of coffee is not helping and neither is my toast and jam.

    It's a good thing my boys don't seem affected by the time change. Of course, they are also adults so they have to function on their own without my help even if they are sleep deprived. I'm just glad that they are sleeping. Two cranky young people being herded through the day by a very cranky menopausal mom would not make for a calm home environment.

    Its 8AM and I need a nap.

    create your own poster


    Wednesday, October 30, 2013

    The More Sophisticated Coach Bags for the Fall

    I have not liked Coach bags for over a decade. The company had decided to disregard adult women in exchange for the hipster, teen and tween. It's designs had turned this once noble first adult handbag of generations past, into quite frankly, a joke. But it seems that things are turning around. The new handbag collection is elegant, sophisticated and very adult.

    I particularly like the new Madison drawstring

    Buy Here

    And the Madison sadie flap bag

    Buy Here

    Meanwhile Coach is pushing the new Borough Bag as the "It" bag of the season. While I have nothing against this just seems like a hyped briefcase to me. Nice for the working woman but not very much fun.

    Buy Here

    And yes along with the sophistication comes a heftier price tag. But not to worry, Coach has also kept its other less expensive lines up and running.  Legacy, Poppy, City Tote, and the Classics (which brings back memories of decades gone by.)


    Sunday, October 27, 2013

    New Hairstylist...No Meltdown...Yet

    I had not been sleeping. I decided to change hairstylists because I no longer wanted to travel into NYC to get my hair cut. I didn't mind it before simply becasue I could meet the sister for lunch. So it was a fun day away in the City that never sleeps. But sis moved away to start a new and exciting job so there was no reason for me to travel almost 1 1/2 hours for someone to cut my hair.

    Now granted I liked how they cut my hair. I have curly hair and until I found this salon, well, sis found the salon, I had not had a good and productive haircut for ...well forever.  I either had to have my hair really short or really long. no one could style my hair into anything that resembled a haircut that was stylish. But I do like the old salons products and luckily I can also purchase them over the internet. BTW, you don't have to be a millennial to love the internet.

    Yes I was going to miss our lunches in the City. Especially the fun and new foodie places to go eat. But since I really have no one else to go with, I am not about to go myself. Yes, sis said that I should do that, but its simply not me. I don't like going to a restaurant alone. I don't even go the gourmet shop in my town and sit alone..well I did it the other day and felt terribly out of place.

    Not sure if this is a self-esteem issue or simply the fact that I really don't like to sit alone in public. Yes I know a good therapist would parcel it out, but truthfully it's not a life effecting issue so who really cares. I have other things to spend my money on besides therapy where I try to figure out why I have issues. I know my issues and I am content with them. In fact I embrace them.

    Meanwhile I sent out feelers to see who everyone in my neighborhood went to for hair cuts. Decided to go with the chichi recommendation. I know that didn't guarantee me a good haricut, but the ladies that go there could easily go into the CIty and I figured this salon had to know what they were doing or the ladies that lunch wouldn't use them.

    But did that solve my sleepless nights? Absolutely not. There is nothing more personal than a lady's hair. In fact once I went to a  satellite of my City salon, which was alot closer to my home, and received such a bad haircut that I obsessed over it for three weeks before I called to complain. I ended up traveling into the City to get them to fix the hair.

    So I am hair obsessed. There are many things in life I can deal with, but a bad haircut sends me over the edge. I don't know why. But it does.

    Actually one of my biggest pet peeves with hairstylists is when they decide to cut my hair how they want it to look. That sets me off into the stratosphere. As if I am too stupid to know how I should look. I suppose they all think they are Hollywood stylists saving the uninitiated and the ignorant rubes who don't know how to cut their hair. Or in reality, they only know how to cut one way and they are so untalented they can't diverge from their own hence they make everyone look the same.

    Anyway to continue on with my odessey into the realm of a new hairsalon....

    It turned out OK. After days and days of sleepless nights, thinking that they are going to make me look horrible, talk down to me and me having a hissy-fit, it really went well. The new stylist listened to me. He only trimmed and shaped the cut I had. He also talked about how bad my other stylists was, of course, which I expected to happen or why would I bother to come back to him.....

    But yeah its fine. I look like I wanted to.

    They do use different hair products then the ones I like and will stick with the ones I use already.  But as I said, I can get them over the internet.

    So all in all, not  a bad change. We'll see what happens next time.

    I know, I'm such a joy.


    Friday, October 25, 2013

    Friday, October 18, 2013

    Shaken Not Stirred

    The perfect cocktail for a fall weekend.


    I happen to enjoy a very dry martini. This means you spill vermouth into a very cold glass, spin it around and spill it out. This leaves just the hint of vermouth flavor in the drink. Then add the vodka and the olives. I suppose you might not call this a "martini," but it works for me.

    I'm also not partial to a dirty martini because it adds unnecessary salt to the drink. The last thing I need is more water bloat....

    I'm also not partial to any fancy martinis either. I like the simple classics.

    OK  OK OK, yes a classic martini is actually made with gin, but it seems I am allergic to gin as it numbs my face and I go into a mild form of no... no gin. By the way, same thing happens to me with rum.

    I just stick to vodka or tequila.

    Cheers, Salud, A la votre sante, L'chaim....


    Wednesday, October 16, 2013

    Fashion Legend Norma Kamali on the Objectification of Women

    Yeah, so I'm a little late to this party, but so what. At least I found it.

    When I was growing up Norma Kamali was one of the first women to make it big in the fashion industry. She was a powerhouse.  Fashion, like most industries, had always been dominated by men except for the rare instances when the likes of a Coco Chanel arose. What was unusual about Kamali's designs however, is that she bucked the trend by allowing women to be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

    Her sleepingbag coat. h/t BLOGUE

    Presently, this fashion legend spends plenty of time talking about the objectification of women in society. She tries to empower women through her new organization  STOP OBJECTIFICATION.

    Here is an interview she did with Buzzfeed. HERE

    Her new every-women line: KamaliKulture


    My take on this issue in general: Cultural relativism and the Decline of Societal Decency


    Monday, October 14, 2013

    My Own Calorie Entitlement Culture

    Twenty-three years ago I was giving birth. My son came in less than 4 hours. I spent most of that time, more than 3 hours, pushing his big head out of my not so wide hips. Yep I was fully dilated in less than one hour. And no it did not feel good. 

    Luckily those hips of mine did spread (would not want to be one of those unfortunate women who get to go through labor and then have to have a c-section) to make room for his cranium, and to this day they have remained childbearing wide. I love it when women tell stories about how their bodies went back to pre-baby status; flat tummy, full breasts and teenage-like hips (without the help of a cosmetic surgeon too) and all within weeks yet. Its been over two decades and I am still waiting for that miracle to happen to me.

    Honestly the entire labor thing was a little scary initially. Considering this was my first child I wasn't even quite sure what was going on at first, because instead of labor pains like they show on TV, which came and went, I was just one giant labor pain. I thought something was really really wrong. Luckily we decided to call the doctor who told me to go to the hospital and get checked. (He thought I was being overly dramatic and overwrought.) Needlesstosay the obstetrical intern put me right into a labor room once he figured out how far along I was effaced.

    In the end of course I had this very cute sweet little baby-boy in my arms and well, the fear, pain and slight confusion disappeared. Until each year rolls around that is, and I decide that there is a rather good and moral reason for me to have that little extra piece of birthday cake. Heck it might be my son's birthday, but I'm the one that earned that extra piece of chocolate goodness on that day, and I am entitled to not have those calories count too.

    Son's cake is blue with chocolate fudge filling.

    Meanwhile upon leaving the hospital with my oldest, the nurse turned to me and mentioned that when I get pregnant with my second child, I should just check myself into the hospital. If my first birth was any indication of how efficient my body was, any subsequent children would come rather quickly.

    Well son number two came in 90 minutes from start to finish. Luckily we lived six blocks from the hospital, car service came in fifteen minutes, and my sister, who was going to take care of the oldest one during the delivery, met the trio of us in the lobby of the hospital as we arrived. Good thing that someone even held one of the historically slow elevators for me in the lobby or baby number two would have been born on a visitor's couch instead of a delivery room gurney.

    Reason number 2 for calorie entitlement culture day number 2.

    P.S. The pieces really aren't that big......just big enough.


    Saturday, October 12, 2013

    My Bad Proactive Idea to Buy Halloween Candy a Month Early

    So I decided to be pro-active and buy my Halloween candy early. I went to our local large-box supermarket club and brought home 3 bags of multiple kinds of chocolate treats. The 52 ounce bags with several hundred pieces of candy inside. All my favorites of course: Twix; M&Ms (plain and peanut); Snickers; Milkyway; Butterfinger.

    I strategically placed them in the pantry on the highest shelf.

    I figured out how to use a step ladder.

    I looked at the calorie index and saw that the average little bag was no more than 100 calories.

    I decided that one chocolate treat wouldn't hurt me.

    I decided that eating the ones with the nuts would ensure that no child with a life threatening allergy would inadvertently pick the wrong candy.

    I decided that 2 treats a day were only 200 extra calories and I could just work them off on the crosstrainer.

    I'm going to have to buy more Halloween candy.

    I'm going to have to exercise nonstop (only breaking for sleep and a pee) on the crosstrainer until after New Years.


    Thursday, October 10, 2013

    Picking a New Color for Our House

    Well we are in the midsts of having our house repainted. I enjoyed a light yellow color for the past few years. But the boys have put their collective feet down and they want white. Actually they had thought that the house was already white because the yellow is so pale. I pointed out the truth and they are all, yes all three of them, looking forward to repainting the house. Just white. No special trim color. No different color for the door. Luckily they have no problem with leaving the window shutters black.
    The boys like the Super white.

    The only solace I have is that I am now going to call my house The White House.

    Yes I know there are no black shutters  but hey I need to get something out of this bargain. See I really  do know how to negotiate and compromise at times.

    I then get to act recalcitrant, refuse to change any of my positions on any issue, abandon those who have been our friends for generations and get to blame everyone else for the things I personally fuck up.


    Monday, October 7, 2013

    iPhone 5c, Macbook Pro Revamp and Chocolate Milk Legacy


    Decided it was time to upgrade the boys' iPhones. Luckily Apple just came out with this cheaper version of the iPhone5. Not cheaper monthly, but cheaper ab initio.

    Son picked the light blue. Hubby bought him a black Oterbox carrying case with a belt clip. Yes, Son really needs to have a good protective case to carry anything electronic.

    Meanwhile I brought in his Macbook Pro laptop to get revamped.The harddrive crashed last week right in the middle of a major school project. We have Apple Care so technically they would replace everything for free....with caveats of course. Well once the Apple tech opened up the laptop we hit the caveat....apparently liquid had been spilled on the Macbook immediately invalidating the warranty.

    I guess chocolate milk and electronics don't play well together. These two elements must be part of Congress.


    Thursday, October 3, 2013

    Book Review: Killing Jesus by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard

    Disclaimer: Before I get into the nuts and bolts of the book I want the readers to know that I am Jewish. (Here, Here, Here) My purpose in reading this book was mainly to see if somehow there was some antisemitic blood libel attached, as there had been in Mel Gibson's movie The Passion of the Christ. I found the book to be fair in that regard. While people can read antisemitism at times into anything, the authors seem to have gone out of their way to make sure that their readers understand the political, economic and military dynamic involved in first century Judea. The ancient concept of collective punishment foisted upon the Jewish people for the death of Jesus is quickly and affirmatively obliterated in the very beginning of the book. The authors place the blame for the death of Jesus where it belongs, squarely on the shoulders of the ruler of Judea, Pontius Pilate.

    Review from goodreads

    To understand the death of Jesus, the reader needs to understand how the Roman Empire operated in the first century CE. Rome had gone from a dynamic republic to a squalid tyranny. Barbarism, debauchery and complete disregard for human life was rampant throughout the world. Roman leadership had no other thought but to keep itself in power and to destroy anyone that stood in their way.

    It is not something we in the modern world can understand really. We acknowledge that there is barbarism in our world. Syria is quite the example. But we as a civilized people see the carnage in Syria as evil and not as the right of the rulers to maintain their control. In the ancient world it was just the opposite. Life had no meaning beyond the need for the average person to serve their betters. And these betters were given the option of doing whatever they needed to in order to realize their aims.

    Into this ancient scenario walks a rather rigid and stubborn people, the Judeans. (Yes, the Judeans were actually in the Middle East eons before the assent of Rome, but that is a different story for a different day.) Beholden to their belief in one omnipotent God they presented quite the challenge to Rome. Except initially Rome let them be. There was no demand to change religions as was the usual custom for a conquered people. Rome even let the Judeans be ruled by one of their own, even though the Jews could have done alot better than Herod. Rome understood how to keep a potentially volatile situation at bay...for awhile at least.

    But eventually as Rome deteriorated morally so did the rulers of the outlying provinces and Judea was not exception. Graft, corruption, barbarism ruled the day. But more than anything else was the oppressive taxation of the average citizen. When a man can not feed his family it makes for an explosive environment.

    Into this world comes Jesus of Nazareth.

    Killing Jesus is a good historical read. The authors, both devout Catholics, do look at Jesus as the Messiah and the son of God. They do begin from that perspective. However, they present their readers with extensive historical analysis of what life was like for the average person in the first century. They detail the history of Rome and how the situation in Judea became so explosive. What were the underlying economic realities? The authors discuss the political and selfish motivations of all the actors in the Jesus story from the Roman emperor, to the people of Judea, to each disciple, to Mary Magdalene, the Temple priests and especially Caiaphas, and finally to Pilate himself. The authors discuss what were the facts on the ground that all in Judea had to deal with, examine and balance.

    Then comes Jesus' story.

    Taken from many sources, the authors relate the known Jesus. They regale everyone with the stories of miracles and human interaction. They tell of a pious, devote man dedicated merely to the sanctity of life and the hope of humanity. They tell the story of a man who wished to free his people from oppression.

    What comes next, the trial, and crucifixion, is well documented in the book. The authors go into quite alot of detail. Extensive research was done about crucifixion and its effects. They detail the horror of this most evil form of capital punishment.  I honestly had to put the book down and regroup for a while during this part of the story. Warning: You will cry.

    Finally the authors discuss the aftermath of the death of Jesus. They try to prove, from a completely Catholic perspective, what happened to Jesus after he was taken down from the cross. I will not argue this, merely because you cannot argue with a tenet of faith. In reality there is no proof as to what actually happened to Jesus after his death (if he did in fact die that day 2,013 year ago) beyond sheer faith, no matter how hard the authors try, but if you believe then you believe.

    The book ends with a historical recounting of what occurred in Judea in the decades following Jesus' death. The religious uprisings and attempt to unshackle the Jewish people from Rome. These Jewish revolts culminated in the the total destruction of Jerusalem, the Holy Temple and the subjugation for thousands of years of the Jewish people. Rome even tried to obliterate the Jewish people from history.


    Killing Jesus is a well thought out historical accounting of a time in history that literally changed the direction of humanity. It will give the reader an understanding of the dynamics and the intrigues that infected the ancient world. It is a study in the brutality of existence conflicted with the light that can be shed if the majority of people really do stand up for what is right and good.

    Without a doubt the reader is left with some questions when the book ends. Did what come after the Roman period mean goodness and light? Did those who purported to follow Jesus through the centuries actually walk in the footsteps of Jesus? Was there terror, hate and evil that obstructed goodness throughout the centuries? Did the Church do as Jesus would have wanted? That of course is many other books for many other days.


    Tuesday, October 1, 2013

    Sleepy Hollow on Fox

    Welcome to the town of Sleepy Hollow. Witches, demons, psychic visions, Biblical Armageddon and Washington Irving all wrapped into the American Revolution brought forward to the present day. Could it get any better than that? Actually for

    This new series, Monday night at 9PM on Fox, begins with the awakening of a British history professor, who chose to fight alongside the colonists during the American Revolution. He had been put into a deep sleep by his witch-wife shortly after an inconsequential battle of the War for Independence. He had decapitated a hessian soldier during a skirmish near the town of Sleepy Hollow, New York. But instead of killing this British mercenary, the enemy turned into the headless horseman of Irving's myth. The horseman does not die, and is able to mortally wound our hero. Furthermore, to add to the mystery, the professors' wife is caught between the world of the living and the dead, a type of sorcerer's-purgatory that allows her to help our regenerated revolutionary in his battle against these nefarious elements.

    Meanwhile in modern day a beloved and well respected police chief, an imminent victim of the headless horseman, has been accumulating information about covens, both good and bad witches, that have been operating in Sleepy Hollow for over 250 years. His files are the clues needed to fight the enemy that is to come. His is the historical catalog of  the battle between the holy and the damned fought daily without the assent of mere mortals.

    There is the police detective, a survivor of foster care and a clairvoyant, who once had an encounter
    with a devil-like demon and her psychologically damaged sister who befriend the time-displaced revolutionary in his search for answers and retribution.Together they wend their way through the clues and the dangers to figure out the meanings of all these present day events and how it all meshes with long ago battles meant to free the colonies from British rule. The sister, lost in a world of psychosis, anger and sibling betrayal, is the ultimate key to the entire coming war.

    Lastly, the new police chief, while dumbfounded and leery of the spectral truth before him is not so foolish as to ignore the signs of the coming apocalypse. Reticent, but not without purpose, he allows the duo of police detective and revolutionary to search for answers so that the town of Sleepy Hollow can return to its slumber and quiet ways in the woods of Westchester County.

    Each week another layer unfolds bringing us closer to the meanings behind certain aspects of the revolution and the clues hidden in the writings of Washington Irving. This series is definitely for those that like a mystery and definitely for those that wish to find hidden meanings in modern events.
    Where do these apparition come from? Why is George Washington involved? What does the Sons of Liberty have to do with the upcoming Biblical battle? Why Sleepy Hollow? With all mysteries there is more to this story than meets the eye.

    The headless horseman was the imagination of one of our great American writers. He played upon the thoughts and fears that might go through a person's mind as they galloped along the paths on those colonial roads. Shadows and creeks and sounds and fury all coming together in one wonderfully imaginative narrative.

    Meanwhile, Sleepy Hollow exists today. It's just off the Taconic Parkway or Rt 117. My childrens doctors' offices are there at the local hospital. It's a quiet little least for now.


    Halloween in Sleepy Hollow

    Thursday, September 26, 2013

    Why I Love the Fall....

    The colors are amazing....

    I adore fall jackets and shoes....

    Oscar de la Renta

    Halloween is alot of fun...

    History of the Jack-O-Lantern

    Fall movies.....

     Fall books....

    And you thought it was  because the children go back to school....

    Well maybe a little....


    Sunday, September 22, 2013

    Book Review: Women in Bed by Jessica Keener

    Listing in Goodreads

    Women in Bed is an elegantly written, thought provoking book by author Jessica Keener. It is an anthology of nine short stories that follows the emotional twists and turns that women face. From having to deal with  lost loves, family pain, suicides and even child abuse we see how women come to terms with life and its vagaries. Ultimately it is the understanding that despite the hurt, heartache and a disconcerted existence, what human beings seek is actual connections to one another. It is simple and unadorned. The author invokes the reality that what people need are answers to the question of their humanity as they continually strive for that ethereal concept of happiness.

    I highly recommend this book, especially if you are in a book club. This is not a group of tales you want to read alone. It is something to be shared, discussed and mulled over continually. It is a mirror to our world, as we women think beyond ourselves, trying to bring meaning, especially the part that causes pain,  to the world in which we live.


    Thursday, September 19, 2013

    Not Stuffing Your Face Full of Crap Does Lead to Weight Loss

    Over the last few years I have put on weight. And no I have no idea how much. There is no way you are getting me on a scale. Over the last years I told myself all kinds of tales of woe that I was entitled to that cookie or that piece of chocolate. I brought into the house all manner of garbage to eat. Chips, cakes, cookies, white bread, fatty meats. If it clogged your arteries we were eating it. We were all too heavy and it showed up in our bloodwork as well.

    Then one day I realized it was time to do something about it. Not sure when that happened. I think I just decided it was time to stop blaming events all around me and retake charge of my life. I knew the boys needed to lose weight. Hubby certainly did. I couldn't stand looking at myself in the mirror.

    So I found a nutritionist I liked, and went about fixing everyone's diet. Organic became a very important word in our house. Trying to dilute the number of preservatives and pesticides in our diet has helped dramatically. And yes, I try to by organic meats, fish and chicken as much as possible. But remember, organic does not mean low in fact. it  merely means free of chemicals and antibiotics. Also something that is low in fat is full of sugar. So be careful. Low-fat doesn't necessarily mean healthier or less calories either. Try eating the real thing just a small portion. What I call "European" as opposed to "American" portions.

    I have noticed a difference in how I feel and even the effect it has on the boys. I think everyone is better off. I know studies show that there is no quantifiable difference in health for people that eat organic verses those that eat typical foods, but its simply my opinion that the less chemicals you put into your body the better off you happen to be.

    Meanwhile here is the things we tend to eat in the house (honestly the past few weeks we have been off our lifestyle/diet because of the Jewish holidays. But we are now springing back into action):

    Women's Diet Network

    We eat fish several times a week.
    We eat chicken several times a week.
    Red meat is eaten sparingly.
    There is no carbohydrate at dinner. Dinner is protein and a vegetable.
    Carbs are eaten earlier in the day. Yes there is the sandwich or even that small bowl of pasta (for the boys).
    There is always fresh cut-up salad to eat if they get hungry in between meals.
    Breakfast is egg whites or egg beaters. Fresh vegetables on the side and maybe some lowfat cheese.
    There is alot of fruit in the house for in between meals.
    Snacks are also weightwatchers or lean cuisine for the boys. (They afterall do need more calories than I do and at 300 calories a pop for  a weightwatchers its not bad for them.)
    Chips are only baked.
    We keep humus in the house too. Its a little high in calories but filled with alot of protein.
    Fats are held to a minimum. A little olive oil when I cook and some butter. Nutritionists will tell you that margarine is one of the worst foods in the world. Either each butter sparingly or use no fat at all. (Good fats: olive oil, almonds, avocado)

    Drinks are kept to water, one glass a day of chocolate milk (for the collegeman) and some Sodastream soda, but only one a day of that too. And yes, there is the glass of wine, maybe two for hubby and myself. (OK yes with the occasional margarita.)

    Also don't forget to get your butt moving. We bought a really good cardio machine and we all use it every day. I also work with free weights. I have tapes that I follow and use the core exercises from my physical therapy. The boys go to a trainer. They need that rigidity and oversight.


    Well now that its been about 6 months that we have been on the new diet I finally worked up my courage to try on my old jeans. I have not worn them for years. They have been sitting in my closet waiting for the day that I would fit my tuchas into them again. I thought it might work as I had just bought a new bra and even though it was the chest size from when I got heavier (when you put on weight you put it on everywhere and no its not always such a great thing for your boobs to grow) instead of it being tight I closed it on the middle back rung and the cups covered the entire breast (nothing sticking out or bunchy). It's not unusual for an older bra to be lose and comfy, its the new bra that lets you know if you have lost weight and are on diet track.

    OK here I was, holding my breath. Praying that the jeans would fit or at least I could pull them up over my hips. First I put on my smaller panties that had been quite uncomfortable just a few months ago. They fit nicely and felt lovely (YEAH). Then I pulled up the jeans. They went right over my hips and they even closed (BIG YEAH). The legs are loose, and the hip feels just a little snug. I could pull them up higher over the hip, but still got that little poochy menopausal tummy of mine in the way. I even got bold enough to try on the corduroys that had been hiding in the closet too. They fit over the legs and I could button them up. But again its that tummy of mine. What is nice about the cords is that they are European and everyone knows that Europeans cut everything another BIG YEAH.....

    Now to the next level. So some more cardio, more situps and core work, heavier free weight (just went from a 3 pound to a 5 pound weight) cutting back on the carbs a little more and even bypassing that glass of wine several days a week.

    I figure another ten pounds and these jeans are going to be loose and comfy like jeans are supposed to be. Hopefully those pounds will come off from the middle, where it is most needed. But I tell you I am very very very excited. Maybe then I can fit into my really good clothes that I haven't been able to wear for a decade....wouldn't that be nice too.

    P.S. How bad was my weight?....Before I had accepted how bad my weight had actually gotten I couldn't fit into size 16 Gap jeans and cords at home are size 12. SO YEAH.


    Funny I really thought that this was going to be hard. But it wasn't once I set my mind to it. The entire family joined in. The boys and hubby have lost weight too. We are working hard  at establishing a better lifestyle for everyone.