Monday, January 14, 2013

My Choice for Best Dressed at The Golden Globes

That's right Tina Fey. The others stars are the same old same old.  Beauty queens are well supposed to be beautiful. Nothing to see there. But Tina cleans up really elegantly and can still write and produce some of the best entertainment on TV. (OK yes I am sure she had help, but so do all the rest on that red carpet.)

Loved Amy Poehler too.

Others I thought were really lovely....

Zoe Deschanel

Kerry Washington

Glenn Close

Jennifer Garner, loved that hubby Ben Afleck won for Argo after being dissed by the Oscars.

Julianna Margulies

Sofia Vergara (but of course)
Helen Mirren
Kaley Cuoco ...because we love The Big Bang Theory in this house.

ON another note:

Lucy Liu...big hullabaloo about her dress. Love the dress. Really am a fan of  Lucy's new show Elementary too. But the dress overwhelms her and would have looked better on someone taller.

Really bad dress of the evening even if it is Calvin Klein....

Jessica Chastain won best actress for Zero Dark Thirty. Very happy for her. But next time her stylist needs to find something that doesn't look like a gunny sack. The reverse of the dress by the way is awful. It makes her look like her tushie goes all the way up her back.

Now like these stars...into my sweats to get the day started.

Qi en pace,


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