Saturday, April 27, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty

OK, I am late to the party on this movie. But it just came out on DVD and pay-per-view.

No I don't care about the scenes of torture. No I don't care about CIA black sites. No I don't care about rendition. What I care about is that there are huge groups of people who think murdering innocents around the world is going to get them into heaven. Since 9/11 there have been over 20,000 suicide attacks by Islamic fundamentalists across the globe. This movie shows that we are at WAR with these elements.

Anything that needs to be done in a war is necessary. We are entitled to fight with everything at our disposal against those that wish to deprive the world of freedom, liberty, equality, civil and human rights. Ironic, no not really. No more ironic than the firebombing of Dresdan during WW2. No it does not matter how the enemy views the world anymore than it mattered how the Nazis or the Communists or any totalitarian ideology ever saw western freedoms. Only fools, who eventually wind up dead, worry about their potential enslavers' feelings.

Meanwhile if you are interested in a story about the bravery of those who work to keep us safe at night then watch this movie. Watch how those extraordinary individuals of the CIA worked for years in enemy territory to find and bring the architect of 9/11 to true justice. Then watch as Seal Team Six does their job and does it well.

For those that think this movie is a homage to Obama, guess again. Anything having to do with the White House is a mere ten minutes and not truly flattering (in my humble opinion). This movie showed that the political ramifications of a possible mistake was really all the Oval Office cared about.

When you are done, remember to think about all those who til this day live in harms way, so we all can sleep without fear. If anything the horror in Boston teaches us, is that perhaps these brave men and women don't have enough support, either from a politically correct White House or even Congress, to do their jobs properly.

Also don't forget that the doctor who helped us locate Bin Laden was put in jail for life by the Pakistanis. Our government did nothing to help him. Is this how we support our friends?

Remember too that on a wall at CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia, are hundreds of gold stars. These stars symbolize every CIA officer who died in the line of duty to protect this nation. Due to national security we will never know their names. Honor them. They deserve our undying respect and thanks.

Qi en Pace,


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