Monday, June 3, 2013

Remember ...."Double Secret Probation"

Received this picture yesterday.

Jewish fraternities still exist. (They came about because back in the day the other fraternities wouldn't take Jewish members.) My nephew is a member of one. And yes they are all really smart and do an inordinate amount of charity work.

Sometimes you are simply reminded of fun times....seriously college was never the same after this movie.

And yes I went to a toga party once. It was a blast.  Was the party a hit? The police came by and had to break it up, so yeah it was a big campus hit....

And no I did not wear a toga. I was the nerdy party-pooper who stayed in her clothes. Listen, I wasn't about to get naked and only wear a sheet in a room full of drunk frat boys. But I did get me some attention, in a co-ed not totally bad sort of way....

Ended up the dame on top of a three-person shoulder to shoulder pyramid...kept yelling "get me down," "get me down." You would have yelled too. Frat boys think they can hold their liquor but we all know they really can't. All I needed was one of the drunkies holding me up to fall or need to vomit and heck it would have all come crashing down. My life did flash before my eyes....And at 18-years-old there hadn't been much of a life yet. Wanted to live just a little while longer.

Meanwhile its OK to be reminded of youthful memories as we seek to make new positive memories in our day-to-day world. So much of our life is spent obsessing about things that may have gone wrong or when things were very hard. It is so far easier to be negative in life than positive. But we also need to remember when we were simply happy. Life was simpler then (even though we didn't really appreciate it) and being young and carefree does have its benefits.  (You know the old saying, youth is wasted on the young.) Even with all the angst associated with growing up we are allowed to remember that part of youth that was fun.

And no, you couldn't pay me enough money to relive any of that time of my life. I have come very far from the college girl at the toga party. Honestly, while adulthood has been overwhelming at times, I like being a grown-up. But memories are important, for it is afterall the twists and turns of life that make us who we are today.

You can also rest assured that whenever I go to any function or huge celebration and the band plays "Shout" the memory of that time period does come back and I smile to myself.


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