Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Stream Away To Pass That Exercise Time

Exercise is important. It's also boring, especially cardio on a machine. But I have come up with a way to make it atleast time-passable. I wait to watch the TV shows I like and stream them on my laptop or iPad while I exercise. Have app or URL and will cardio.

It's actually alot of fun being able to decide what to watch when. Yes, there are still commercials unless you want to buy the show on amazon-video, but its OK. I end up doing several hours of cardio on my machine without even thinking about it.

Yes several hours. When you have older children who can help with chores and are responsible for themselves you do end up having more time for yourself. I chose to exercise and get healthier. You can too....

Of course when I do some free weight training I use videos. I make sure that there is a rhythm to what I am doing and am organized as to which muscle groups get worked when.

NO, not a picture of me.
I've tried to read my kindle on the cardio machine too, but it doesn't work out that well. Actually it makes me a little seasick. I think its trying to concentrate on the very small screen, combined with trying to read and making sure I keep up a good pace. Rocking the body and an inner ear that just wont play along leads to a nausea that just isn't any fun. Decided its best to just keep with the streaming TV shows. Don't want to have to take dramamine every time I want to exercise. The kindle can wait for a quieter moment.

All in all its a good way to spend a few hours taking care of yourself.

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