Monday, July 29, 2013

My New Louis Vuitton Obsession

Yes I admit it, I have a thing for Louis Vuitton handbags. Well a little more than a thing. I happily peruse their website and pick dream-bags for my wish-list that would make the giddiest fashionista happy. I know the name of all the styles and can even discuss the pluses and minuses of each bag.

One day I am fully expecting my pastime to be included in the DSM as a true psychiatric disorder. But until then, I am going to have myself a good time. Looking at handbags is really safe, sound and secure. The problem comes when you mentally lose it entirely and whip out that credit card, going into enormous debt, buying something so totally unnecessary, that you can't afford.

Anyway, the LV brand is making ready for its fall release and letting out its secret that Michelle Williams is its new spokesmodel/actress. They allowed the media to publish some rather nice pics of her holding some of their new fall line.

Yeah OK she looks great. Actually she does. But it's the bag that she is holding that has gotten my attention. It is simply terrificly fashion forward. I love the LV monogram wings and the soft leather middle complete with the black handles. Mix and match and use for anything and everything.  What a gorgeous handbag.

Am I going to purchase it? Well I haven't gotten that bad...not yet anyway. I did wonder though (for a split second) if the boys could really take a year off of school so I could buy the bag. It might do them some good, maturity wise, to work at any job they could find for awhile instead of studying .....

Oy vey, not to worry. I know its really, not a good idea to spend all my money on this very gorgeous, lovely exciting handbag. I guess into the wish list it goes.




  1. Haaahaaahaaa....."included in the DSM"!!!

    Thanks for starting my Monday off with a good chuckle and snort! :D


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