Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Autumn Boot Want

Classic Newbury Ankle Boot in Deep Brown

I simply adore rag and bone boots. I know its supposed to be the hipster clothing stop over, and not something for us middle-aged moms, but the design is simple, chic and for the price point not terrible.Yes, they cost more than anything at Target (Here) however, alot less than louboutins. (Here, Here, Here) Remember too, that sometimes you are allowed to over spend on yourself.....not every day, once in awhile (for that special birthday) just to remind yourself that you are also important.

The deep brown of the boot is a gorgeous color. Something that would go with anything, especially a nice pair of jeans and a comfortable shirt. The typical mommy uniform worn as you run around taking care of the family.

Meanwhile the boot comes in many different colors and textures. I did find the boot a little narrow so I did have to go up one size (11). Not to worry. The rounded toe keeps the foot looking rather small.

Now all I need to do is fit back into those jeans of mine....soon I figure...soon.


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