Friday, August 30, 2013

My New CoffeeTable Book

Martha's Entertaining....a year of celebrations

From Goodreads

Yes that Martha.

I happen to have volunteered with the boys this summer at a local charity. During my tenure they were planning a big gala to be held at Martha Stewart's Westchester Estate. I helped a little. Mostly made some phone calls, and stuffed some envelopes. Nothing stressful, not to worry. I spent most of the time at the charity paying on my computer. The boys did all the work.

No, I didn't get to go to Martha's estate to help plan.... (unfortunately)...i would have happily found time for that meeting.

But I did get to see what the flowers, tables, chairs, and food are going to look like...

The charity's director showed me how everything that they were going to use for the party was displayed in this book. What a gorgeous sumptuous taste for the eyes. This is what you envision when you think "party planning with a limitless budget. "

Honestly, you really want to host a shindig or two simply to use the suggestions in the book.

Martha Stewart discusses every aspect of a successful soiree; from types of floral arrangements,  tablescapes, place settings, table arrangements, innovative party ideas and even how to handle the "flow" so your company has the best time.

Then of course there are the delectable foods and drinks for which Martha is famous. Pages and pages of recipes to try if you are culinaryly brave. (Me not so much, but I will try a few dishes.)

One big bonus is that the pictures are all taken from parties at each of Martha's houses. You get to see inside the world of Martha Stewart. This is in so many ways is a very personal book.

Its going to be my escape for the time being. I need a break from all the international espionage, legal crime thrillers and autism related books. Now its time for romance, and fantasy....but not the kind with kilts, dirks or time travel (books I have read and continue to this is a blog post for another day).  Happily this handbook of entertainment "fantasy and romance" is a little more realistic...or at least it doesn't challenge the laws of quantum physics anytime soon.


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