Friday, August 9, 2013

The Doggies in Your Life

Boys need a dog. A special pair-bonding to help them grow, mature, and become happy and healthy men.

That is an age-old bit of wisdom that has been handed down through the generations.

We happen to have three.

What they don't tell you is that your doggies, like human beings, can get really really really sick. Sometimes they need knees rebuilt (both back legs). Sometimes they get bacterial pneumonia. Sometimes their larynx becomes paralyzed and this inhibits their other words if you do not fix it (basically a larynx tummy tuck) your doggie will eventually suffocate.

My sweet wheaton terrier has suffered through all of the above and then some.

Last week our 13 1/2 year old wheaton needed surgery on his larynx. He is doing well. He is breathing good and is even trying to bark. He is a trooper and a tough old guy.

Meanwhile when he was sick I started to really baby him and made him boiled chicken thighs with rice instead of plain old canned dog food. The vet told me to give him the canned dog food while he recuperates from the surgery because it will be easier on his throat to swallow. I told him he never had my chicken and its very soft...he laughed but insisted on the canned food.

Well, being the good doggie-mommy that I am, after the surgery, I prepared the canned dog food for the wheaton. He looked at the plate of food, then at me, then at the plate of food and then at me as if to say....."What is this crap, where is my chicken? Haven't I been through enough lately?" So I immediately made up a plate of plain boiled chicken thigh and he woofed it down. (The canned food went to the other two dogs, who were quite happy to receive something a little special. They usually just get dry food and the odd left over piece of pizza, some Chinese food, an errant hamburger or hot dog, etc etc etc.)

Anyway so much for dog food and the wheaton.

I am now, the boiled chicken maven of  the tristate area and probably will be until the wheaton sings his last howl. Something tells me I have just spoiled my biggest doggie baby. But hey at his age, he can eat whatever he a point of course.

Wheaton has been sleeping in the bathroom. The tiles are cool. He was annoyed that I was taking a picture. But you can see he looks pretty good. It's only been three days since his surgery.

By the way NO we do not have pet insurance. It was costing me almost $300 a month for emergency care for all three dogs. This did not include well doggie-care or shots. The insurance also only paid 50% of what is "necessary and proper" for a surgery. Which means if you live in a high cost area you are basically screwed. My bichon had needed surgery to remove stones from her bladder (yes they get that too). My vet charged me $3000. The insurance said the customary was only $900. They gave me back half of that.

My bichon. Hubby says I need to treat her more like a lapdog than I do. He has her sleeping on a velvet pillow. I am so lucky I never had girls. Can you imagine how spoiled this man's daughters would be considering how he dotes on a puppy because she is female?

Not to be outdone I called around and found out that my vet's prices were in line with everyone else in my area. I called the insurance company and they began quoting nonsense. Saying they take an average of the prices in my area. Exactly what area I asked, and from what year? They gave me some bullshit song and dance. It is a huge rip-off game. I canceled my policy.

Something they don't tell you when you decide to follow through on that old societal directive and get your sons (and daughters) a dog. For certain things, it is more expensive to take care of a pet properly than your children. (OK, unless you have special needs children) But if you are going to bring a living breathing creature with huge hearts and a loving soul into your home, it is your obligation to take care of them properly, humanely and with a pile of love.

The labradoodle. He is technically not allowed up on the living room furniture because he has an alpha dog complex (trainer suggestion). But when we are not looking....well there you go. He saw me coming and tried to hide in the furniture. He thinks we can't see him if he can't see us I guess.

Well there you have it. My biggest furry babies, the ones that never grow up and are fiercely loyal, loving and so totally dependent.


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