Tuesday, September 17, 2013

All Your Life You are Busy with Your Teeth

Nothing is more annoying or can be more painful than a tooth ache. It not only affects your mouth, but your ears, throat and head. Whenever anything goes just a little wrong with any tooth your entire world is turned upside down. It's not even the forced diet that is the issue, which in truth most of us of course are grateful for, until you get that hunger headache and your tummy starts to growl at least. The problem is that dull throbbing pain that drives you up a wall.

I can't even decide which bothers me more, my backpain or a tooth ache. Well OK, the backpain is rather debilitating at times, but so is any amount of a pain in the mouth. And at least with backpain if I move slowly, working the kinks out of the system, I can do what needs to be done. No, I can't run a marathon or breakdance anymore (honestly not sure why we thought breakdancing was cool in the first place, but we were young and kids are dumb), but I can exercise, clean the house (oh goody) and sit upright for an extended period of time.

Now with tooth pain that is something else entirely. My latest journey began last week when a crown fell out of my mouth. I was chewing a calcium gummy and I thought it had a rock in it. Rather annoyed when I took it out of my mouth. I had actually thought about sending the company one of those scathing letters...how dare you sell an inferior product yadayadayada....figured I would get a case of the calcium chews for free or something. No I didn't keep it, I simply threw the darn thing in the garbage and took another gummy. And yes I cut it up to make sure there was nothing amiss before popping it in my mouth.

As of this time, my mouth had not started to bother me, and I had not noticed that what I threw out was actually the crown from my back molar. Within a few hours however, I began to notice a rather odd sensation in my mouth and kinda put a finger in the back to check it out. Yep I realized at that time I had lost the crown. But it still didn't bother me. I merely ate on the other side of my mouth and called the dentist.

I figured this was an old crown from twenty years ago. It turned out, after my afternoon visit, that it was actually a year old crown from a root canal. The dentist insisted that the reason the crown fell out was because there was not enough tooth  left after the root canal for the crown to adhere to and offered to cut away some of the gum in order to help the crown stay in place. Can you imagine? That was a resounding NO FUCKING WAY. No, not in so many words, a little more gentile but not by much.

He then said we could try again and if it fell out, we would simply remove the tooth. Well I don't know what the future will hold for that (not particularly predisposed to removing my teeth) but at this moment I have a temporary crown on that molar. Day One.

Guess what, now we get another story entirely. It starts out that the temporary was not fit well. It fell out when I tried to dislodge some food that was caught underneath the ridge. So back to the dentist I went. Day Two.

Then after I had that replaced, it had not been polished properly and ended up cutting the cheek and the tongue.  (He completely forgot to do this step. Don't know why. He's been my dentist for twenty years and this never happened before. And no he is not going senile.) I went back the next day where the dentist smoothed it down and polished the ridges so it didn't cut into my mouth anymore, but it still doesn't fit right. While the tongue has healed, it still keeps catching the inside of my cheek. I also have a strain on my side of the throat and my ear is bothering me. No I am not getting and ear infection. Just had that in the opposite ear and just finished some kickass antibiotics. Day Three.

So here I go again back to the dentist to play with the temporary since its over two weeks before I get the permanent crown for the tooth. I am not going to be annoyed by this temporary. It was so bad hubby actually bought me anbesol so I could eat. (Love a good man.) You can bet I am going to make sure that this crown is fit properly and that it doesn't hurt nor bother my mouth any when its finalized. Day Four.

My grandmother used to say that your entire life you are busy with your teeth....from babyhood, through adolescence and then throughout adulthood, the teeth are a constant source of adgidah...but then again without them we would live on blender frapped food and how much fun is a Filet Mignon sucked through a straw? No comments on the merits of veganism...I am and will always be a carnivore.


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