Thursday, September 19, 2013

Not Stuffing Your Face Full of Crap Does Lead to Weight Loss

Over the last few years I have put on weight. And no I have no idea how much. There is no way you are getting me on a scale. Over the last years I told myself all kinds of tales of woe that I was entitled to that cookie or that piece of chocolate. I brought into the house all manner of garbage to eat. Chips, cakes, cookies, white bread, fatty meats. If it clogged your arteries we were eating it. We were all too heavy and it showed up in our bloodwork as well.

Then one day I realized it was time to do something about it. Not sure when that happened. I think I just decided it was time to stop blaming events all around me and retake charge of my life. I knew the boys needed to lose weight. Hubby certainly did. I couldn't stand looking at myself in the mirror.

So I found a nutritionist I liked, and went about fixing everyone's diet. Organic became a very important word in our house. Trying to dilute the number of preservatives and pesticides in our diet has helped dramatically. And yes, I try to by organic meats, fish and chicken as much as possible. But remember, organic does not mean low in fact. it  merely means free of chemicals and antibiotics. Also something that is low in fat is full of sugar. So be careful. Low-fat doesn't necessarily mean healthier or less calories either. Try eating the real thing just a small portion. What I call "European" as opposed to "American" portions.

I have noticed a difference in how I feel and even the effect it has on the boys. I think everyone is better off. I know studies show that there is no quantifiable difference in health for people that eat organic verses those that eat typical foods, but its simply my opinion that the less chemicals you put into your body the better off you happen to be.

Meanwhile here is the things we tend to eat in the house (honestly the past few weeks we have been off our lifestyle/diet because of the Jewish holidays. But we are now springing back into action):

Women's Diet Network

We eat fish several times a week.
We eat chicken several times a week.
Red meat is eaten sparingly.
There is no carbohydrate at dinner. Dinner is protein and a vegetable.
Carbs are eaten earlier in the day. Yes there is the sandwich or even that small bowl of pasta (for the boys).
There is always fresh cut-up salad to eat if they get hungry in between meals.
Breakfast is egg whites or egg beaters. Fresh vegetables on the side and maybe some lowfat cheese.
There is alot of fruit in the house for in between meals.
Snacks are also weightwatchers or lean cuisine for the boys. (They afterall do need more calories than I do and at 300 calories a pop for  a weightwatchers its not bad for them.)
Chips are only baked.
We keep humus in the house too. Its a little high in calories but filled with alot of protein.
Fats are held to a minimum. A little olive oil when I cook and some butter. Nutritionists will tell you that margarine is one of the worst foods in the world. Either each butter sparingly or use no fat at all. (Good fats: olive oil, almonds, avocado)

Drinks are kept to water, one glass a day of chocolate milk (for the collegeman) and some Sodastream soda, but only one a day of that too. And yes, there is the glass of wine, maybe two for hubby and myself. (OK yes with the occasional margarita.)

Also don't forget to get your butt moving. We bought a really good cardio machine and we all use it every day. I also work with free weights. I have tapes that I follow and use the core exercises from my physical therapy. The boys go to a trainer. They need that rigidity and oversight.


Well now that its been about 6 months that we have been on the new diet I finally worked up my courage to try on my old jeans. I have not worn them for years. They have been sitting in my closet waiting for the day that I would fit my tuchas into them again. I thought it might work as I had just bought a new bra and even though it was the chest size from when I got heavier (when you put on weight you put it on everywhere and no its not always such a great thing for your boobs to grow) instead of it being tight I closed it on the middle back rung and the cups covered the entire breast (nothing sticking out or bunchy). It's not unusual for an older bra to be lose and comfy, its the new bra that lets you know if you have lost weight and are on diet track.

OK here I was, holding my breath. Praying that the jeans would fit or at least I could pull them up over my hips. First I put on my smaller panties that had been quite uncomfortable just a few months ago. They fit nicely and felt lovely (YEAH). Then I pulled up the jeans. They went right over my hips and they even closed (BIG YEAH). The legs are loose, and the hip feels just a little snug. I could pull them up higher over the hip, but still got that little poochy menopausal tummy of mine in the way. I even got bold enough to try on the corduroys that had been hiding in the closet too. They fit over the legs and I could button them up. But again its that tummy of mine. What is nice about the cords is that they are European and everyone knows that Europeans cut everything another BIG YEAH.....

Now to the next level. So some more cardio, more situps and core work, heavier free weight (just went from a 3 pound to a 5 pound weight) cutting back on the carbs a little more and even bypassing that glass of wine several days a week.

I figure another ten pounds and these jeans are going to be loose and comfy like jeans are supposed to be. Hopefully those pounds will come off from the middle, where it is most needed. But I tell you I am very very very excited. Maybe then I can fit into my really good clothes that I haven't been able to wear for a decade....wouldn't that be nice too.

P.S. How bad was my weight?....Before I had accepted how bad my weight had actually gotten I couldn't fit into size 16 Gap jeans and cords at home are size 12. SO YEAH.


Funny I really thought that this was going to be hard. But it wasn't once I set my mind to it. The entire family joined in. The boys and hubby have lost weight too. We are working hard  at establishing a better lifestyle for everyone.



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