Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ralph Lauren's Soft Ricky and Clothes that Harken Back to Mother Russia

Truthfully, I am not a big fan of Ralph Lauren all honesty its because my tuchas is way too big to fit into any clothes he designs not because his designs aren't gorgeous. In keeping with that tradition, this Fall's collection of Russian inspired clothing is absolutely wonderful. You can watch videos of the runway show HERE and get inspired by the style guide HERE

Needlesstosay, as a handbag obsessed creature, I do love the Ricky Bag. In fact the newest incarnation, a soft coated leather with fly gussets, reminds me of the iconic Hermes Birkin.

Hermes Birkin the handbag of the "ladies who lunch"

Happily (for some at least) the soft Ricky doesn't cost anywhere near the Birkin's $10,000, but at $2500 its not exactly chump change either.

Blue seems to be one of the "colors" of the season.

The soft Ricky comes in over 15  colors, but my favorite is the purple...

This breathtaking purple does go well with Lauren's rich tapestry of old-world Russia inspired fall clothes. Actually, so does the deep-red version of the Ricky Bag. And yes, I really like that one too.

Ah, choices, choices, my dreams at least.


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