Sunday, September 1, 2013

The #1 Song the Day I was Born, Happily It Wasn't "Rapey"

Yesterday on FaceBook I received an interesting poke. A friend had  accessed a fun app and wanted to know what was the #1 song on the day I was born. I didn't use the app, but I Googled the answer. Came up with Twist Again by Chubby Checker.

No, they don't write songs like that anymore. The recent Robin Thicke- Miley Cyrus porn fest proves that. Too bad. While there is fun, descent and happy music being produced in today's world, there is no reason for Thicke's blatant  "rapey" music.  (Here, Here, Here) Sadly that song is #1. Wonder what the children born on these days will think of our society when they Google (or what will be the future version of Google in twenty years) the top of the charts on the day they were born.

After all these decades of feminism and the women's rights movement, I have no idea why young women go along with this misogyny. It seems we forgot to teach our daughters self-empowerment as we pushed college, graduate school and Title IX. (Slut-feminism does not count as self-actualization. Being a whore is not about self-respect.) We forget to teach them that you do not have to put up with women-hatred in order to get a man. We have allowed an anything goes sense of culture where there should be rights, wrong, dignity and honor. Unfortunately, as we lurch forward in science and technology, our sense of morality continues to decline.


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