Monday, October 7, 2013

iPhone 5c, Macbook Pro Revamp and Chocolate Milk Legacy


Decided it was time to upgrade the boys' iPhones. Luckily Apple just came out with this cheaper version of the iPhone5. Not cheaper monthly, but cheaper ab initio.

Son picked the light blue. Hubby bought him a black Oterbox carrying case with a belt clip. Yes, Son really needs to have a good protective case to carry anything electronic.

Meanwhile I brought in his Macbook Pro laptop to get revamped.The harddrive crashed last week right in the middle of a major school project. We have Apple Care so technically they would replace everything for free....with caveats of course. Well once the Apple tech opened up the laptop we hit the caveat....apparently liquid had been spilled on the Macbook immediately invalidating the warranty.

I guess chocolate milk and electronics don't play well together. These two elements must be part of Congress.


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