Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Bad Proactive Idea to Buy Halloween Candy a Month Early

So I decided to be pro-active and buy my Halloween candy early. I went to our local large-box supermarket club and brought home 3 bags of multiple kinds of chocolate treats. The 52 ounce bags with several hundred pieces of candy inside. All my favorites of course: Twix; M&Ms (plain and peanut); Snickers; Milkyway; Butterfinger.

I strategically placed them in the pantry on the highest shelf.

I figured out how to use a step ladder.

I looked at the calorie index and saw that the average little bag was no more than 100 calories.

I decided that one chocolate treat wouldn't hurt me.

I decided that eating the ones with the nuts would ensure that no child with a life threatening allergy would inadvertently pick the wrong candy.

I decided that 2 treats a day were only 200 extra calories and I could just work them off on the crosstrainer.

I'm going to have to buy more Halloween candy.

I'm going to have to exercise nonstop (only breaking for sleep and a pee) on the crosstrainer until after New Years.


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