Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Hairstylist...No Meltdown...Yet

I had not been sleeping. I decided to change hairstylists because I no longer wanted to travel into NYC to get my hair cut. I didn't mind it before simply becasue I could meet the sister for lunch. So it was a fun day away in the City that never sleeps. But sis moved away to start a new and exciting job so there was no reason for me to travel almost 1 1/2 hours for someone to cut my hair.

Now granted I liked how they cut my hair. I have curly hair and until I found this salon, well, sis found the salon, I had not had a good and productive haircut for ...well forever.  I either had to have my hair really short or really long. no one could style my hair into anything that resembled a haircut that was stylish. But I do like the old salons products and luckily I can also purchase them over the internet. BTW, you don't have to be a millennial to love the internet.

Yes I was going to miss our lunches in the City. Especially the fun and new foodie places to go eat. But since I really have no one else to go with, I am not about to go myself. Yes, sis said that I should do that, but its simply not me. I don't like going to a restaurant alone. I don't even go the gourmet shop in my town and sit alone..well I did it the other day and felt terribly out of place.

Not sure if this is a self-esteem issue or simply the fact that I really don't like to sit alone in public. Yes I know a good therapist would parcel it out, but truthfully it's not a life effecting issue so who really cares. I have other things to spend my money on besides therapy where I try to figure out why I have issues. I know my issues and I am content with them. In fact I embrace them.

Meanwhile I sent out feelers to see who everyone in my neighborhood went to for hair cuts. Decided to go with the chichi recommendation. I know that didn't guarantee me a good haricut, but the ladies that go there could easily go into the CIty and I figured this salon had to know what they were doing or the ladies that lunch wouldn't use them.

But did that solve my sleepless nights? Absolutely not. There is nothing more personal than a lady's hair. In fact once I went to a  satellite of my City salon, which was alot closer to my home, and received such a bad haircut that I obsessed over it for three weeks before I called to complain. I ended up traveling into the City to get them to fix the hair.

So I am hair obsessed. There are many things in life I can deal with, but a bad haircut sends me over the edge. I don't know why. But it does.

Actually one of my biggest pet peeves with hairstylists is when they decide to cut my hair how they want it to look. That sets me off into the stratosphere. As if I am too stupid to know how I should look. I suppose they all think they are Hollywood stylists saving the uninitiated and the ignorant rubes who don't know how to cut their hair. Or in reality, they only know how to cut one way and they are so untalented they can't diverge from their own hence they make everyone look the same.

Anyway to continue on with my odessey into the realm of a new hairsalon....

It turned out OK. After days and days of sleepless nights, thinking that they are going to make me look horrible, talk down to me and me having a hissy-fit, it really went well. The new stylist listened to me. He only trimmed and shaped the cut I had. He also talked about how bad my other stylists was, of course, which I expected to happen or why would I bother to come back to him.....

But yeah its fine. I look like I wanted to.

They do use different hair products then the ones I like and will stick with the ones I use already.  But as I said, I can get them over the internet.

So all in all, not  a bad change. We'll see what happens next time.

I know, I'm such a joy.


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