Friday, October 18, 2013

Shaken Not Stirred

The perfect cocktail for a fall weekend.


I happen to enjoy a very dry martini. This means you spill vermouth into a very cold glass, spin it around and spill it out. This leaves just the hint of vermouth flavor in the drink. Then add the vodka and the olives. I suppose you might not call this a "martini," but it works for me.

I'm also not partial to a dirty martini because it adds unnecessary salt to the drink. The last thing I need is more water bloat....

I'm also not partial to any fancy martinis either. I like the simple classics.

OK  OK OK, yes a classic martini is actually made with gin, but it seems I am allergic to gin as it numbs my face and I go into a mild form of no... no gin. By the way, same thing happens to me with rum.

I just stick to vodka or tequila.

Cheers, Salud, A la votre sante, L'chaim....


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