Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sleepy Hollow on Fox

Welcome to the town of Sleepy Hollow. Witches, demons, psychic visions, Biblical Armageddon and Washington Irving all wrapped into the American Revolution brought forward to the present day. Could it get any better than that? Actually for me...no.

This new series, Monday night at 9PM on Fox, begins with the awakening of a British history professor, who chose to fight alongside the colonists during the American Revolution. He had been put into a deep sleep by his witch-wife shortly after an inconsequential battle of the War for Independence. He had decapitated a hessian soldier during a skirmish near the town of Sleepy Hollow, New York. But instead of killing this British mercenary, the enemy turned into the headless horseman of Irving's myth. The horseman does not die, and is able to mortally wound our hero. Furthermore, to add to the mystery, the professors' wife is caught between the world of the living and the dead, a type of sorcerer's-purgatory that allows her to help our regenerated revolutionary in his battle against these nefarious elements.

Meanwhile in modern day a beloved and well respected police chief, an imminent victim of the headless horseman, has been accumulating information about covens, both good and bad witches, that have been operating in Sleepy Hollow for over 250 years. His files are the clues needed to fight the enemy that is to come. His is the historical catalog of  the battle between the holy and the damned fought daily without the assent of mere mortals.

There is the police detective, a survivor of foster care and a clairvoyant, who once had an encounter
with a devil-like demon and her psychologically damaged sister who befriend the time-displaced revolutionary in his search for answers and retribution.Together they wend their way through the clues and the dangers to figure out the meanings of all these present day events and how it all meshes with long ago battles meant to free the colonies from British rule. The sister, lost in a world of psychosis, anger and sibling betrayal, is the ultimate key to the entire coming war.

Lastly, the new police chief, while dumbfounded and leery of the spectral truth before him is not so foolish as to ignore the signs of the coming apocalypse. Reticent, but not without purpose, he allows the duo of police detective and revolutionary to search for answers so that the town of Sleepy Hollow can return to its slumber and quiet ways in the woods of Westchester County.

Each week another layer unfolds bringing us closer to the meanings behind certain aspects of the revolution and the clues hidden in the writings of Washington Irving. This series is definitely for those that like a mystery and definitely for those that wish to find hidden meanings in modern events.
Where do these apparition come from? Why is George Washington involved? What does the Sons of Liberty have to do with the upcoming Biblical battle? Why Sleepy Hollow? With all mysteries there is more to this story than meets the eye.

The headless horseman was the imagination of one of our great American writers. He played upon the thoughts and fears that might go through a person's mind as they galloped along the paths on those colonial roads. Shadows and creeks and sounds and fury all coming together in one wonderfully imaginative narrative.

Meanwhile, Sleepy Hollow exists today. It's just off the Taconic Parkway or Rt 117. My childrens doctors' offices are there at the local hospital. It's a quiet little town.....at least for now.


Halloween in Sleepy Hollow

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