Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adam Levine Sexiest Man of the Year? Seriously? I Mean Seriously?


More like he should be the feminized-metrosexual-classless jerk of the year. He looks like an underfed, cocaine addicted, stringbean who forgot how to say stop to a tattoo artist.

Society has been attempting to feminize males in education for decades now, which is having a detrimental enough effect on the future.

 It's September, so It's Time to "Talk" about Schools Failing Boys...Yet Again

"I was a teacher's aide when we first moved to New York City, while I studied for the Bar Exam. I had never been a parent before and was indoctrinated through my education and society in general, that boys needed to be trained to not be murderous, physical, dangerous beings. One day I caught two of my four-year-old charges playing cops and robbers. The boys had fashioned guns out of legos and were pretend shooting at each other in a "police fire fight." I promptly took the lego guns away and gave the boys time outs in their cubbies. I was determined to not let them think that violent behavior was the way things get done. I remember them crying as I lectured them about guns. They had no idea what they had done wrong. They were in truth, just being boys. (These boys are now probably close to thirty. And even though it was so long ago, my youthful-self-righteousness still bothers me at times.)

After Mr.GS was born, I decided that we needed to make sure that he had no preconceived notions about gender and that he was not socialized to think that girls could not do the same job as boys. So we subscribed to Parents Magazine's monthly infant toy club. Once a month we would get gender neutral toys for him and that way he would learn to not predetermine what someone is or who someone would be depending on their gender. We also did not buy him specifically "BOY" toys and brought a variety of gender neutral children's toys into the house."

Read the whole article HERE

But the feminization of men in the context of sexuality its just down right gross. Seriously, other than some gay men, why would anyone want to sleep with a feminized man?

So our society has gone from the manliness of John Wayne .....

to George Clooney.....

to Adam Levine. Now this? Really....

I say it again gross...simply gross.


Here at humanevents..."Adam Levine is what's wrong with the modern male"

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