Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Back or Spring Ahead, it all Sucks

I have been waking up at 4:45 every morning since Sunday. I know its only been three days but its becoming a big pain in the ass. I have even tried staying up til midnight, which according to my body is 1AM, so that maybe I would be tired enough to get a decent nights sleep. But nope, my damn body clock has decided that I need to get up at its perceived 6AM time.

And no, don't tell me to go to bed at 11 or 10 so that maybe I would get my normal hours of sleep. I need to adjust to the new time. I need to let my system figure out that it needs to stay asleep a little while longer. My body clock like my hormonal clock needs to figure out this mess and up end itself so I can function. Hopefully the clock change comeuppance will resolve itself alot sooner than my ongoing and never ending hormonal fluctuations.

Meanwhile, I am so tired right now that I am a cranky mess. Patience is wearing thin. Tolerance is out the window. A pot of coffee is not helping and neither is my toast and jam.

It's a good thing my boys don't seem affected by the time change. Of course, they are also adults so they have to function on their own without my help even if they are sleep deprived. I'm just glad that they are sleeping. Two cranky young people being herded through the day by a very cranky menopausal mom would not make for a calm home environment.

Its 8AM and I need a nap.

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