Monday, November 18, 2013

Ordering in Food was Definitely Created by a Busy Woman

Yesterday was one of those days. I started it off by working out. Listen, I knew what was to come and realized that if I did not do my exercises I would never get around to working on that rather flabby butt of mine. So off I went to the basement for my hour of cardio and some 20 minutes of a free weight regime.

Then I proceeded with the rest of my day. I cleaned the bathrooms, the kitchen, mopped the ceiling (yes the ceiling, I will explain lower) and of course the floors. I use the swifter wet mop for the ceiling. I live in a 1950s style house with the level ceilings common in that era, not the 9 feet arched ceilings found in today's houses. So when there is alot of cooking, frying, steaming etc on the stove, there is bound to be residue on the ceiling. Hence it needs to be cleaned. Hence, I mop the ceiling. I used to climb up there with a bottle of Clorox and a sponge and wash it down. This is easier, with no chance of me failing off a ladder and breaking a vital part of my anatomy. I did Clorox and wipe down the kitchen walls however.

I then asked the hubby if he needed help with raking the leaves outside. You see, our vunderkinda were too busy to help their dad. They claimed they were doing homework or what they said was homework. But it looked strangely like they were playing on STEAM to me. Needlesstosay, I didn't want the hubby to have to deal with all the leaves himself...oh I have to add that apart from a few rakings of the driveway we have been the bad neighbors and not taken care of picking up our leaves in front of the house as yet. So there is enough leaves on our property to probably create one heck of a crash pillow for a Hollywood stuntperson.

I got assigned the task of leaf blower holder. Yep that little device that you see all the landscapers use instead of a rake to pile up the leaves became my property for a few hours. Well I guess technically it was my property anyway since we, the family own it. But you know what I mean. It's a hubby tool item, therefore, hubby property. But I was allowed to touch it after a quick lesson in how it works.

I decided that we needed to get rid of all the leaves in the street-gutter out front of the house. Figured if there was a huge rain storm that the leaves would clog up the street-drain and cause some kind of flooding. Not wanting to be sued by the neighbors, I started to get rid of those leaves. Meanwhile hubby raked the driveway.

By the way, holding that air machine while it goes at 150 miles an hour is alot of work on the female muscles. Now swinging it back and forth was really good for my obliques, but this morning the arms are a little achy.

Anyway, once I had finished being the supportive spouse it was time to come inside and shower so I wasn't taken away as a hazmat area. Meanwhile,  oldest vunderkinda had decided to luxuriate in a bath during my work ideal, so lo and behold there was very little hot water when it was my turn. Nope. I was none too pleased. But made up for the disappointment in another way.

I decided that I had earned a nice glass of sparkling wine. So at 5 pm, yes 5pm (at least I waited until the cocktail hour) I poured myself a little (medium sized...oh heck a really robust) glass of vino. That definitely put the bounce back into my step. But made it rather difficult to decide what to make for dinner, apart from the fact that I felt I had done enough for one day. Hence the idea to order in some Chinese take-out.

No, we don't order in very much. We do try to watch what we eat and maintain a healthy life style so ordering in food that you know is full of fat, salt and goodness knows what else to make it taste great is not the best way to go. And yes Chinese food is definitely not dietetic unless you do away with the white rice, the sauces, the soy sauce, the frying..well the stuff that actually makes it taste good. And yes I know that American-Chinese fair has very little resemblance to what they eat in China. Listen, the meal was so good and I ended up being so hungry I ate the entire dinner portion in one sitting. (usually the servings are so big they can last for a few meals). But I did have brown rice (yeah me).

And yes today I need a water pill...the food was salty (no, no MSG since I am allergic and if there was MSG my face would have gone numb, the chef just used too much salt for my body) and I am puffy. But I had fun and so did the hubby and the vunderkinda. But the best part of course, was that I didn't have to cook, or clean up, since the boys still have their dinner washing duties no matter who cooks the meal.

You know, sometimes you just have to say....order in.


P.S.Just so you don't think my life is so glamorous, when I got up to go to the bathroom at 4 in the morning (a post age 50 and menopause gift), I promptly stepped in a pile of doggie poo left behind by the bichon. So there I was, the order-in-lady of leisure, cleaning dog crap off the bottom of my foot and the floor in the early pre-dawn hours, using Clorox wipes of course. Sometimes the Universe is just a pain in the ass.

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