Friday, December 27, 2013

Car Repairs, Car Leases, Tires and Fancy Shmancy Shoes

Car repairs this morning. I brought the hubby's car in for its regular maintenance. I also wanted to make certain that it was winterized since it sits outside all season long. The last thing the husband needs is to have his car not start when he has to leave for work. So of course that is an especially expensive maintenance to replace every form of fluid in the engine. Then the service supervisor mentioned that they should also have to replace the brake fluid, at a little more cost. Well how do you not add in the brake fluid? The engine would work but the hubby couldn't stop the car and end up crashing? I suppose if I didn't like hubby and didn't want him around for the next 50 years (before I ask for more time) then it would be something I could cheap out on, but since he is a cutie.... brake fluid it is.

Now I'm sitting in the waiting room, playing on my laptop, biding my time when the service supervisor came by a second time and mentioned that the car also needs 4 new tires. The tires basically failed inspection. So I guess with all the new fluids it would be good for hubby to not be riding around on bald tires. While men expect to lose their hair and probably go bald in some respects, something we women do find endearing as they age (well we really don't have too much choice in the matter do we), bald tires are not so charming or safe.

Supervisorman said that the tread is supposed to be at 10 cms and hubby's is just under 3cm. I am thinking to myself, "nope, not so good." By the way, I am really pleased with myself that I decided it was time to get the car serviced. Who knew the hubby was riding around in a ticking timebomb! (Uh oh am I not supposed to use the word "bomb" anymore? Is homeland security going to come to my door and offer me a ride to the nearest hoosegow for a "discussion" after they put together their latest metadata?) Anyway, new tires and a new alignment it is too.

In fact the supervisorman did remind me that even though the car is a lease, you have to return it back to the dealership with useable tires.  So, since we would have to buy a set of new tires in 6 months when the carelease was up we might as well get some use out of them and of course the safety for hubby issue is a little more paramount. Undoubtedly, if he used the car more we would have noticed the disappearing tiretread a lot sooner. Oh well....

In truth hubby's car basically only goes back and forth to the trainstation, so waiting for the car to register a low oil level to indicate the need for a service appointment doesn't really happen very often. In fact the last service was exactly one year ago. So in the world of "what did you expect to happen," I suppose considering the fact that the car hasn't been serviced in a year we really got away cheap.

Yeah yeah yeah we have always leased. We tend to kill our cars and would turn them in for a new one once the drivetrain warranty expired anyway. That's basically every three years. So we lease for 3 years and 12,000 miles a year now. When the boys were younger I used to get the 15,000 miles a year lease. What with all the running around and driving like a maniac from therapy to lesson to school that I always did. You should have seen what I did to a car then. Also the monthly payments for a leased car is still cheaper than if we bought and you do get to drive a better car for less.

Interestingly on another level, the societal powers that be say you use up cars and shoes the same. And yes hard on my cars I am. My car is in the body shop right now for the second time in several months. Either I keep hitting imaginary walls when I go into parking lots or some dent fairy comes along and puts holes in my car bumpers. I know it has to be a fairy, or more likely an ogre, since no one seems to ever leave a note with their insurance information.

Meanwhile, as a car destroyer and latent shoe mangler,  it's probably a good idea for me to wear clogs most of the time and keep my good shoes off to the side just in case I ever go anywhere special. Not that dressing up and going out is something I do at all. Well except for the occasional family milestone event.
Had that time in my life when I was young and it seemed like fun to go out to restaurants. But over the years I have developed not only an aversion to fancy clothes that bind but to pantyhose and heels so high they hurt your feet. Yes I still like to shop for  fancy shmancy shoes and even own a few pair, but it's the wearing of them that does not make me overjoyed.

But one day I would still like to drive a fancy shmancy car....wouldn't you?

We'd just have to find a way to keep the invisible dent meenies very very very far away.


Friday, December 20, 2013

Google Crossword...Lets Compare Answers....

In honor of the 100 year anniversary of the invention of the crossword puzzle Google created a little doodle-crossword of its own. They are also no providing any answers. They want people to compare and contrast. So here is a screenshot of my answers:

Tell me what you think. What answers do you have?


Someone uploaded their screenshot onto yahoo answers. Some make more sense than what I had written down.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Rose-Camouflage Nightingale

Well, now that I have gotten over my latest handbag obsession, I, of course, have found a new one. I think I am being honest when I tell you that there is always going to be a new handbag-need-want-desire-fixation.....While I am behind the times in finding the nightingale-style  by Givenchy, the spring 2014 rose-camouflage print is lovely.

And guess what! It only costs half of what the Louis Vuitton handbag-infatuation did.

I suppose that means I am finally becoming more economical in my not really. I just love roses and this bag is very fun.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

On-Line Consignment

Well I decided to bite the bullet and try consignment. Not to buy, but to sell. During over 30 years of marriage I had created a rather nice cache of handbags for myself that I just wasn't using. They were sitting there, put away properly in storage so that they did not get damaged. I decided that it was time to see if anyone out there in this entire internet world would actually want some of my slightly used goods. And apparently they did...

How did I come to this revelation all of a sudden? Honestly, I had just read an article in Forbes magazine  about consignment shops.

Luxury for Less: New Web Sites Offer Gently Used Designer Goods
Consignment Shop Treasures: Where to Go and What to Buy
For Designer Consignment Online, Is Authentication a Pipe Dream or A  Differentiator

And these other articles too:

The RealReal is the Real Deal (fashionista)
Shopping Obsession: TheRealReal is Online Consignment Paradise (glamour)

So I contacted TheRealReal. Very professional. Very helpful. My handbags sold within a week.

I'm supposed to get my first check soon.

I've got my eye on another handbag. Yes, its an obsession, and no the bag I want is not the Louis Vuitton I wrote about.

In truth the money is going to go for tuition.

UPDATE: Check came. Tuition paid. All is good.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

If You are Feeling Inadequate after Watching the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show...Watch this ....

Listen, these Victoria Secrets models are gorgeous young women. But next to them even Taylor Swift, who I think is one amazing package from beauty to brains, to talent added to sheer gumption, was lacking. So what is the average girl supposed to think about herself?

Heck I watched the show for a few minutes, until the hubby had had enough. He kept asking what the point was and does anyone really wear that skimpy underwear? Now I don't wear thongs or push up bras, but I'm not exactly walking around in granny panties either. Men really don't pay attention to a woman's wardrobe. Remember, buy the lingerie for yourself, not for them.

Meanwhile, while playing my music today I was reminded of a song I added to my playlist from a few years ago. Watch it and remember how each one of us is beautiful in our own way..... Especially make your daughters watch...


Monday, December 9, 2013

Cyber shopping...Hell Yeah!

I am old enough to remember Christmas time without the internet. To some people going and braving the crowds in the shopping malls are the way to celebrate the holiday season. Not so here in this house. I used to avoid stores at this time of year like they were infected with the bubonic plague. Yes being Jewish that did make it easier to avoid the crush of holiday humanity especially as we never did the 8 nights of Hanukkah presents in this house. Not with all the relatives giving gifts. Every year it was as if the children became a toy store unto themselves. Enough became enough

Not certain why this yearly tradition of being squeezed into a brick and motar store like sardines is so much fun for some, but they still do it as part and parcel of tradition. Personally I like the new tradition....

Sitting with a glass of wine, in your PJs, at any time of day or night as you Google what you want to buy and check out who has the cheaper price, faster service and better delivery options... now that's my idea of holiday spirit. And yes, any shopping with a little bit of sparkling wine adds to the cheeriness of the moment. No alcohol is evil references here please. Apart from the fact that someone is an alcoholic or pregnant and not allowed to drink, the daily glass of vino has umpteen number of benefits and is a grown-up way to relax. So hands off the bubbly.

Actually, I remember decades ago, this little start up company called Amazon, that along with its bookstore partner (can't remember now if it was Barnes and Noble or Borders) would deliver any book you wanted right to your door. One of the things I did like to do was spend hours and hours in any bookstore looking for something interesting to read. Honestly, it was one of the few things I had in common with my father-in-law. Meanwhile, I can still recall this excited phone conversation from years back when the FIL found Amazon on line. He was so thrilled and excited. He had just ordered a new novel and they delivered it right to his office. He sounded like a kid in a candy store with an unlimited budget.

Also since my boys were little at the time, my
friend called me about this interesting new website etoys, that would deliver the toys, already wrapped too, right to your door for the holiday season. (Etoys has since been co-opted by Amazon). I spent that Christmas season sending all the nieces and nephews presents using etoys. It was the easiest and best holiday season I had ever spent. Think about it. You don't have to set up time to go to the toy store, and with two young children that was a chore in and of itself. Try getting a babysitter during the week if you didn't want to wait for the hubby to watch the kids when he was off work and then you got to go to the Toys R Us on the weekends, with everyone else in the world. FUN NOT  Then you needed to hope that the toy you know your special child may want was still available and that you didn't have to deal with some belligerent parent who also wanted that one particular toy. Next you would have to stand in line to have the gifts wrapped or go home and spend hours wrapping them yourself (and they never looked as good as when the wrappers did it in the store). Finally you would have to brave the post office to have them send the package to the right recipient. Meanwhile, the post office would invariably lose at least one or two of the presents every year as well. Oh yeah, UPS and fedex were in their fledgling states and only businesses would use them to send packages overnight.

What a new and exciting world was beginning. You young'uns are so spoiled today and you don't even know it.

Of course, cyber shopping also makes it easier to spend money, go into debt and generally spend money you don't have on crap that you don't need and will never ever really use. But hey isn't that the American way, materialism, merchandizing and fulfilling self-esteem needs through physical, tactile and Madison Avenue induced want. It's what keeps our economy, or what's left of our economy,  afloat, well sort of....


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Longchamp 3D for the Spring

I have begun to expand my handbag obsessiveness to Longchamp. It may not have the gravitas of Louis Vuitton but the price point is reasonable and the bags are oh so fashionable.

This is the Longchamp 3D

It also comes in this pink.

You can chose from 7 different colors including the shown purple and pink plus black, dark or light brown, honey (yellow), duck (teal)

Here's what it looks like worn:


Not certain if its too luggage-y looking or just right as a carryall for everyday. I'll have to think on that for the time being.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This Ad was Rejected for the Super Bowl but I Bet There will be Ads with Women's Breasts Hanging Out

But misogynistic adds with women's privates hanging out, or talking about farting, penises, erections and "getting your nasty on" is fine and dandy. Never mind the almost religious devotion to all forms of alcohol abuse, fast food consumption and general hedonism.

I suppose the NFL doesn't really pay attention to the number of national football players who regularly are arrested and charged with violation of laws about concealed weapons, drugs or sexual battery. I'll take wagers that if any of those criminals are slotted for that national sports Sunday, the NFL will find a reason that they are allowed on the field of play. Or maybe the NFL  should just keep on hiring vile garbage like Michael Vick that tortured and murdered dozens and dozens of defenseless dogs. (Remember his rape stands for the females?) Oh but I guess I couldn't understand that socioeconomic reality, according to Whoopi Goldberg, "dog fighting"  is a "black" culture thing.

Just what is the NFL trying to prove? Or trying to teach us? And who the hell asked them? Those self-important dumbasses. Maybe someone should read them the Constitution and the 2nd amendment. I want someone to do a poll of all the team owners and see how many of these multimillionaires walk around with armed bodyguards for them and their families. I guess gun rights are fine for them and the ones they love. It's like the Congressional Politicos who tell us we aren't allowed to own guns to take care of ourselves, but these political elites are allowed to be protected by their own police force.

You know what... America's values are upside-down-backwards-inside-out and brainless.

No I won't be watching the SuperBowl this year. Luckily, I also live in one of the only houses in the USA with men that really couldn't care less about football. In their own words...who cares what strangers do on a football field. If they themselves aren't playing why would it matter to anyone? So it won't be an issue.

Thankful for my men's priorities.

Michelle Malkin on a complete rundown of some adds that have been Oked for this year's Super Bowl.


Just in case you couldn't figure out where I stand on the second amendment:

“The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” Thomas Jefferson