Friday, December 27, 2013

Car Repairs, Car Leases, Tires and Fancy Shmancy Shoes

Car repairs this morning. I brought the hubby's car in for its regular maintenance. I also wanted to make certain that it was winterized since it sits outside all season long. The last thing the husband needs is to have his car not start when he has to leave for work. So of course that is an especially expensive maintenance to replace every form of fluid in the engine. Then the service supervisor mentioned that they should also have to replace the brake fluid, at a little more cost. Well how do you not add in the brake fluid? The engine would work but the hubby couldn't stop the car and end up crashing? I suppose if I didn't like hubby and didn't want him around for the next 50 years (before I ask for more time) then it would be something I could cheap out on, but since he is a cutie.... brake fluid it is.

Now I'm sitting in the waiting room, playing on my laptop, biding my time when the service supervisor came by a second time and mentioned that the car also needs 4 new tires. The tires basically failed inspection. So I guess with all the new fluids it would be good for hubby to not be riding around on bald tires. While men expect to lose their hair and probably go bald in some respects, something we women do find endearing as they age (well we really don't have too much choice in the matter do we), bald tires are not so charming or safe.

Supervisorman said that the tread is supposed to be at 10 cms and hubby's is just under 3cm. I am thinking to myself, "nope, not so good." By the way, I am really pleased with myself that I decided it was time to get the car serviced. Who knew the hubby was riding around in a ticking timebomb! (Uh oh am I not supposed to use the word "bomb" anymore? Is homeland security going to come to my door and offer me a ride to the nearest hoosegow for a "discussion" after they put together their latest metadata?) Anyway, new tires and a new alignment it is too.

In fact the supervisorman did remind me that even though the car is a lease, you have to return it back to the dealership with useable tires.  So, since we would have to buy a set of new tires in 6 months when the carelease was up we might as well get some use out of them and of course the safety for hubby issue is a little more paramount. Undoubtedly, if he used the car more we would have noticed the disappearing tiretread a lot sooner. Oh well....

In truth hubby's car basically only goes back and forth to the trainstation, so waiting for the car to register a low oil level to indicate the need for a service appointment doesn't really happen very often. In fact the last service was exactly one year ago. So in the world of "what did you expect to happen," I suppose considering the fact that the car hasn't been serviced in a year we really got away cheap.

Yeah yeah yeah we have always leased. We tend to kill our cars and would turn them in for a new one once the drivetrain warranty expired anyway. That's basically every three years. So we lease for 3 years and 12,000 miles a year now. When the boys were younger I used to get the 15,000 miles a year lease. What with all the running around and driving like a maniac from therapy to lesson to school that I always did. You should have seen what I did to a car then. Also the monthly payments for a leased car is still cheaper than if we bought and you do get to drive a better car for less.

Interestingly on another level, the societal powers that be say you use up cars and shoes the same. And yes hard on my cars I am. My car is in the body shop right now for the second time in several months. Either I keep hitting imaginary walls when I go into parking lots or some dent fairy comes along and puts holes in my car bumpers. I know it has to be a fairy, or more likely an ogre, since no one seems to ever leave a note with their insurance information.

Meanwhile, as a car destroyer and latent shoe mangler,  it's probably a good idea for me to wear clogs most of the time and keep my good shoes off to the side just in case I ever go anywhere special. Not that dressing up and going out is something I do at all. Well except for the occasional family milestone event.
Had that time in my life when I was young and it seemed like fun to go out to restaurants. But over the years I have developed not only an aversion to fancy clothes that bind but to pantyhose and heels so high they hurt your feet. Yes I still like to shop for  fancy shmancy shoes and even own a few pair, but it's the wearing of them that does not make me overjoyed.

But one day I would still like to drive a fancy shmancy car....wouldn't you?

We'd just have to find a way to keep the invisible dent meenies very very very far away.


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