Sunday, December 15, 2013

On-Line Consignment

Well I decided to bite the bullet and try consignment. Not to buy, but to sell. During over 30 years of marriage I had created a rather nice cache of handbags for myself that I just wasn't using. They were sitting there, put away properly in storage so that they did not get damaged. I decided that it was time to see if anyone out there in this entire internet world would actually want some of my slightly used goods. And apparently they did...

How did I come to this revelation all of a sudden? Honestly, I had just read an article in Forbes magazine  about consignment shops.

Luxury for Less: New Web Sites Offer Gently Used Designer Goods
Consignment Shop Treasures: Where to Go and What to Buy
For Designer Consignment Online, Is Authentication a Pipe Dream or A  Differentiator

And these other articles too:

The RealReal is the Real Deal (fashionista)
Shopping Obsession: TheRealReal is Online Consignment Paradise (glamour)

So I contacted TheRealReal. Very professional. Very helpful. My handbags sold within a week.

I'm supposed to get my first check soon.

I've got my eye on another handbag. Yes, its an obsession, and no the bag I want is not the Louis Vuitton I wrote about.

In truth the money is going to go for tuition.

UPDATE: Check came. Tuition paid. All is good.


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