Tuesday, January 21, 2014

They call the snowstorm Janus; Climate Mishegas and Game of Thrones

We are about to get another winter storm. Well it is January in New York so it is cold, dingy at times and prone to snow. Global warming be damned, someone should have told mother nature that its supposed to be getting warmer not colder. Oh... right... now they call it "climate change."

One issue about global warming that is truly problematic (OK there may be more than one really problematic issue) are the  reports that the weather during the Roman period was thought to be alot warmer than it is now. Probably why everyone wore togas and didn't freeze their petuchkies off. I wonder what caused that global warming? They didn't exactly have greenhouse gases back then, so maybe you "global warming purveyors" really do want to blame cow flatulence for the warm weather.....So the weather was extremely warm in ancient days, then turned very cold, ( we had a mini iceage around the mid 6th century) , then warm again in the middle ages and then colder closer to the Elizabethan and colonial periods and now we have warming/cooling/climate mishegas.

Honestly, we have yet to really figure out what is going on with our weather. But if you have an opinion, its really easy to find a study to support your view. How about  the answer being that its simply the weather and it kinda does what it wants. Not that I am against a cleaner and healthier environment, by any means. But use common sense when discussing the poisoning of the environment and who and what is really responsible and who has to bear the brunt of the burden for change. Remember CHINA is the nation destroying their environment and poisoning themselves, which by the way is having a world wide effect on the global  ecosystem. Meanwhile, it is the USA and the western nations that have environmental and pollution controls.

Interestingly, the powers that be have named this snowstorm storm JANUS.

Janus was the two-face God of Roman lore. His two faces depicted the beginning of an action and then the other side, the end. Not certain if that carries any meaning for this new weather pattern except that there was a beginning and hopefully there will be an end to the snowstorm. Unless you are a Game of Thrones fanatic and then there is never going to be an end....

By the way Thrones returns April 6.

Love the dragons.

On the other hand, in our modern vernacular, being two-faced generally refers to someone being a duplicitous liar. Janus is not seen as a positive attribution. Wonder what NOAA was thinking when they chose that name for a storm.

For those that don't know, the title of this post is a take off of this song from the musical Paint Your wagon...They call the wind Moriah


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