Friday, January 3, 2014

Top Color for 2014....Radiant Orchid

By now any fashionista knows that the color of the year is actually picked by a mysterious cabal in the fashion industry. This year's top color is RADIANT ORCHID.

You won't get me arguing with the powers that be over this one. Purple, any variation thereof, fits perfectly into my wardrobe.

Purple at one point in history was the color of authority. In Roman times only members of the Senate could wear purple on their togas. Only royalty, throughout western history, could wear this illustrious color. Now of course, being that we live in egalitarian times, we are all allowed to bask in its warmth and feeling of accomplishment.

Meanwhile, radiant orchid isn't the only color you are allowed to wear this spring. Here is a chart of the rest fo the welcome spring colors.....

Happily serene, calm and pleasant colors are coming our way.

FYI: Just kidding about the mysterious cabal designation above...the top color is actually picked by a group of designers at PANTONE. If you are interested go to their link for trend forecasting HERE. 

For ideas on fashion, accessories, makeup and home decor in radiant orchid:
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